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Bailey, Stephan

Stephan Bailey (right)-- Played by Alan C. Peterson

Stephan Bailey.

First Appearance: "The Grift."

Quote: Stephan: "Save the bull for your constituents. If you don't win this election, I don't win that defense contract."
Daniel: "I have people on this and they will find her."
Stephan: "Not if she sees them first. I think it's time I use my guys."

Details: Senate hopeful Daniel Foster and his campaign backer Stephan Bailey ("The Grift") were well on their way towards obtaining a Congressional seat when Daniel’s girlfriend, Becky Dolan, stole his briefcase containing a disk listing his illegal campaign contributors. In order to retrieve the disk, Stephan sent his army of QJ-14s after Becky -– Black Ops who were technically dead, but in whom Stephan had implanted limited brain function so that he could control them remotely. Daniel, freaked out by the use of the QJ-14s, attempted to withdraw from the partnership. Stephan murdered him and turned his full attention on Becky. Adam Kane was able to hack into the brains of the QJ-14s, eventually turning them against their creator.

Trivia In the show, Adam says that Bailey's first name is Stephan, but on Tribune Entertainment's faux website Mutant X Lives, his name is given as Sean Bailey:

SEAN BAILEY & THE QJ-14 PROPOSAL: Are you watching a lot of “Outer Limits” reruns lately? Because all of your recent cases have an over-abundance of creep factor. This one is no exception. Sean Bailey was once Major Bailey of the Special Op Forces. He racked up a lot of carnage points for Uncle Sam, let me tell you. Since those bloody days he’s moved on to the private sector, building a fortune in the hi-tech weapon biz. Who says our boys in green don’t learn a trade? A few years ago, Bailey made a pitch to the Defense Department to sell them the “ultimate warrior”. Called the QJ-14 Project, he claimed it would produce invulnerable human drones who could march through any disruption and not cease until their task was completed. Sounds reasonable, right? You’ve been involved with similar ideas. So have I. But here’s Bailey’s little twist on the scenario: he would create these particular super soldiers out of the bodies of dead ones! Throw the switch, Igor. How Baron Von Bailey acquired the knowledge or means to achieve this nightmare was never broached. The ghoul was quickly escorted out of the Pentagon as soon as the “reanimation” aspects of his proposal left his lips. I sat in on the meeting, Adam. It would have been comical, if he hadn’t been so authentically serious. I’ve forwarded Bailey’s dossier to you. It’s what you might suspect. A man’s man to the point of boredom. Three failed marriages, neglected children, cut-off parents. The only thing he’s ever been able to connect with was the military and killing. Surprise, surprise, he’s got real ego problems and anger issues. Did I mention he was a control freak? Psych evaluations paint a picture of a hardcore soldier who only felt remorse over the compatriots he lost on the battlefield. And what better way to connect with old friends than to raise them from the dead? Since you connected him to Daniel Foster’s political campaign, I can only reason that he’s backed it to get a congressman in his back pocket and his dreams of the QJ-14 army o’ zombies passed. The defense contract would be enormous. I’m sure you’ve already figured that out, however. Let me know how this one turns out. Oh, and by the way… A NYPD surveillance photo just crossed my desk. It shows a cop car being blown up by a random bolt of electricity. Brennan, right? I’ll expect a full explanation in the near future.

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