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Bain, William

William Bain -- Played by Alex Karzis

William Bain.

First Appearance: "Brother's Keeper."

Quote: Bain: "We got close to Pierce, but the sister intervened."
Charles Carter: "Lexa?"
Masseuse: "Shhh. Down, boy."
Charles Carter: "Yeah, I've intervened with Lexa a few times myself. Highly recommend it."

Details: William Bain was the convict Charles Carter bailed out of jail in order to help him capture Lexa Pierce’s twin brother Leo. He murdered six mutants to sell their organs on the black market, including Leo's girlfriend Candace Rockwell, for her liver. But by the time William found Leo with the aid of a tracker Lexa had pinned to her brother, Leo had already turned into his dangerous alter Troy, who was more than a match for William. Lexa then tortured William into telling her where her brother had gone.

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