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Barovsky, Sonya

Sonya Barovsky -- Played by Dylan Bierk

Sonya Barovsky.

First Appearance: "Russian Roulette."

Quote: "Once I do, we are rich, decadent, and free. Like real Americans."

Details: Russian bounty hunters Sonya Barovsky and Yuri Pogrebin were hired by Mason Eckhart to capture new mutants. Sonya’s father had developed the first version of the mutant-detecting Pushka H5B7 for the KGB during the 1980's; the device's failure led to his untimely death in the Gulag. Sonya, determined to reestablish her father’s good name, worked to improve the Pushka’s effectiveness and moved to America. Mason sent the two to meet mutant safehouse operator Daniel Benedict, who had promised to reveal safehouse locations to the GSA. Mutant X intervened, however, and Jesse Kilmartin managed to trick Yuri into explaining how to reverse the Pushka’s effects on Brennan Mulwray. Sonya and Yuri were then arrested by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Trivia: During her phone conversation with Daniel, Sonya mistakenly identifies Mason Eckhart as Marcus Eckhart.

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