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02 January 2016 @ 12:09 am
Bellows, Dr.  

Dr. Bellows -- Played by Shannon Lawson

Dr. Bellows.

First Appearance: "Wasteland."

Quote: Dr. Bellows: "Sound waves! The right frequency shatters the destruct organ, killing them instantly."
Shalimar: "I can upload it to the Helix so we can pump it out through the external speakers."
Brennan: "Yeah, but the Helix's sonic range is only 100 meters."
Dr. Bellows: "Oh, would you stop complaining!"

Details: The mistress of everything that "flies, crawls or squirms," Dr. Bellows was the oddball Dominion entymologist who helped Mutant X identify how Project Redstock's desert locusts had been genetically altered to efficiently consume crops and reproduce abundantly. She also helped them to track down the location of the locusts' breeding barn and, with some detective work, she determined that these enhanced locusts could be killed with a certain frequency of sound waves.

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