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Benedict, Daniel

Daniel Benedict -- Played by Ross Hull

Daniel Benedict.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic).

First Appearance: "Russian Roulette."

Quote: "New mutants are a virus. A disease. They're marrying, reproducing. I have to stop that from happening."

Details: Daniel was the son of safehouse operator Steven Benedict and his wife Caroline, close friends of Adam Kane. Though Daniel had helped his father hide many new mutants from The GSA, self-loathing of his own burgeoning abilities and jealousy of his father's attention to other new mutants caused Daniel to betray their location to Mason Eckhart. Luckily, Mutant X intercepted the message, and Adam helped Daniel come to terms with his new mutancy in time to reconcile with his father.

From Adam's Mutant X Lives diary: DANIEL BENEDICT - I held Danny in my arms when he was just an infant. Steve and Caroline were so proud. He was one of the first second generation New Mutants born. Of course, at the time we did not know how much of his father’s DNA he had inherited. The fact that he would keep his telekinetics a secret and then attempt to turn his parents over to the GSA only shows how much work I have to do with the youth I have helped create. The shame that needs to be erased and balanced with confidence will otherwise turn into acts of violence and betrayal. Daniel responded to Mutant X’s influence before much harm was done. How many others his age are on the same tightrope?

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