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Bennett, Samantha

Samantha Bennett -- Played by Rachel Crawford

Samantha Bennett.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Stasis-suspension).

First Appearance: "Possibilities."

Quote: "I wanted to go back and make things better. Make them perfect. But they only seemed to get worse. I guess this is my way of making up for what I did then."

Details: Samantha could send her consciousness short distances backwards in time. At a young age, she was discovered by the corrupt industrialist Lawrence Bosch, who forced her to use her powers to repeatedly recreate human drug trials of medications with horrible side effects. Once Samantha learned of Bosch's plot to bomb a rival drug company, Broder Biochem, she attempted to prevent the deaths by traveling backwards time and time again. All trials failed until she called The Dominion to enlist Mutant X's aid and discovered that she could bring Brennan Mulwray back in time with her. After one of the runs proved fatal for Brennan Mulwray, she sacrificed herself on the next to save his life.

Trivia: A shrine dedicated to Samantha is here.

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