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Bergman, J.K.

J.K. Bergman -- Played by Christopher Britton

J.K. Bergman.

First Appearance: Sign from Above."

Quote: Bergman: "All I’m asking is that you put names to some of those young people. It’s the least you can do for their families."
Adam: "Why, because you think I’m responsible for making them what they are in the first place?"
Bergman: "I didn’t say that."
Adam: "Well, you don’t have to!"

Details: Government administrator J.K. Bergman was one of Adam's insider government contacts. Switching loyalties when the alien Dr. Sarah Wolf came to town, he promised to provide her with Adam Kane's new mutant database so that she could find more mutants and feed from their spinal fluid. As time progressed, J.K. began to get cold feet about their arrangement, so Dr. Wolf murdered him.

From Mutant X Lives: ...J.K. Bergman
I really would be cautious about dealing with this psycho, Adam. He appears to have a split personality…so, naturally, he’s been placed in a high seat of power. Ah, government. Bergman’s been the head of his Intelligence Division for almost three years but, let me tell you, the man who sits behind his desk now is not the same one who got promoted. He has a completely different agenda. If I were a bigger fan of science fiction, I’d say the pod people snatched him and took his place. Don’t scoff, Mr. Kane. (I can’t see you, but I know that’s what you’re doing). The oily sleezeball who recruited you and your X-tras to track help down the New Mutant serial killer has gone through a radical personality change in the last few months. I remember Bergman when he was rising through the ranks. He was one of the good guys. Levelheaded, fair, discreet. The perfect guy to investigate unexplained phenomena, UFOs and that sort of thing. (Of course, genetically enhanced metahumans were also one of his department’s priorities, but let’s not dwell on that). People enjoyed working for him, until recently. I know you crossed paths with Bergman a few times before this and usually locked horns with him, Adam (as you do with almost any one). Maybe this is why the switch isn’t apparent to you but, trust me, it’s a drastic one. The change seems to stem back to a routine investigation of an extra terrestrial sighting in Delaware that later proved a false alarm (most of them are). From that point on, this hard working, respected intelligence chief turned into a cold-blooded dictator who isn’t above crushing others just to gain the slightest advantage or bit of information. He’s fired most of his original team and kept only those of lower work ethics close to him. He’s also shifted the Division’s focus back to New Mutants, despite the general Bureau directive to let that situation ride a while. I’ve tried to obtain the jacket on the original UFO episode to see if there’s a clue in it as to why he went so haywire, but it’s either been lost or was never turned in. Hmmm. Coincidence? You and I know better.
I have been able to tap into Bergman’s personal research data, however (aren’t you lucky I’m on your side?). It shows that he’s accessed and picked apart nearly all the old Genomex files, even the encrypted ones. And, get this: after scanning through his department’s submitted reports, it looks like he was on top of the recent mutant killing spree almost before they happened. And now, he oversteps my authority and personally contacts you for a mission. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Mutant X is getting set up. As for your other suspicion, the answer is “no”. The government has no use for or is sponsoring any type of mad scientist involved with experiments using New Mutant spinal fluid. That kind of tasteful program ended with Eckhart. Yet, now that you’ve helped red-flag Bergman, I might think about connecting the atrocity to his recent programs. I know you’re already on it. I am now, as well. I’m sorry about Jesse’s girlfriend, by the way. As I was the one who originally tipped you off about the Kilmartins’ genetic links (lo, those many eons ago), I feel somewhat protective towards the boy. Take care of him.

Chris Britton

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