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Bigelow, Michelle

Michelle Bigelow -- Played by Danielle Hampton

Michelle Bigelow.

Mutant Type: Psionic (telecyber).

First Appearance: "Interface."

Quote: "When I want your advice, I'll beat it out of you."

Details: Best friends in Sloman High School, Emma deLauro and Michelle went to the prom together, and used their psionic abilities to get free drinks at the local Jasper's Coffee Bar. The two lost touch after graduation. Michelle, the more level-headed of the two, was recruited into the GSA to help infiltrate Mutant X's safehouses. GSA scientists altered Michelle's DNA to make her more machine than human. Mason Eckhart then allowed the emotion-less Michelle to escape Genomex with Mutant X, so that she could transmit Sanctuary's database to him. But Emma was able to connect telempathically with her friend to release her emotional side, and Adam Kane stabilized Michelle's DNA to give her better control over her emotions.

From Adam's Mutant X Lives diary: MICHELLE BIGELOW - There was a while when Mason Eckhart and I were friends. I think, in some ways, that because we were close we remain obsessive enemies today. I lay awake at nights wondering if the slightest turn could have resulted in me becoming him or vice versa. That must be how it is for Emma in regards to Michelle. Two girls who knew each other so well and shared much together. Then they took different paths. Is their friendship any less meaningful or true? In the end, I cannot look at Michelle as another mere Genomex villain and I hope Emma does not. Now, if I could only see Mason with the same open heart. It will not happen soon.

Personnel advisory from Subject: Transfer of GSA Recruit Bigelow
All departments are to take note of an upgrade in status for Michelle Bigelow from first year recruit to full task force field agent. Effective immediately, she will report to Mr. Eckhart and Mr. Delay. All of Agent Bigelow's previous duties are to be reassigned no later than 10 AM this morning and reported to Mr. Delay. His secretary will not accept transfer slips after this time and insubordination procedures will go into effect for the tardy. Agent Bigelow will continue her daily medical regime with Bio-research, so Dr. Harrison's staff will not be effected by the change and, thus, exempt from the mandatory paperwork. Mr. Eckhart wants it made clear to this branch, however, that the treatments on Agent Bigelow (a psionic New Mutant) augmenting her Telecyber abilities are to be increased and honed to perfection within a time frame that is at least two years ahead of its previous projection. She is now considered a CODE GREEN priority in development (budget approvals for extra computer equipment and "melding losses" need to be submitted to financial no later than noon on Tuesday, cc to Mr. Delay's office). While extending congratulations to Agent Bigelow, Genomex would like to remind all New Mutant recruits that it was her attitude and focus that won her this privileged advancement in rank. It is regrettable more of you do not follow her example. The chance to integrate and be given limited command should be motivation enough to follow in Agent Bigelow's footsteps. If not, please note there is currently space open in the stasis pod facility. Let that serve as additional inspiration.

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