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Bishop, John

John Bishop -- Played by Wayne Best

John Bishop.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Precog).

First Appearance: "The Prophecy."

Quote: "There's something evil about all of us. It's our choice which face we show."

Details: John Bishop, the most powerful precognitive psionic on the map, was a member of Gabriel Ashlocke’s group of followers, The Links. Because John’s consciousness was unstuck in time, he would sometimes speak backwards, and recited prophecies when touched by someone. At Gabriel’s death, John foresaw the birth and rise to power of his successor, The Child. Mutant X found the drugged John in an asylum a year later. After giving Shalimar Fox the information she needed to locate The Child and stop the Links’ plans, John put the asylum’s staff to sleep and escaped...but not before giving Shalimar a prophecy of her own about the fate of Mutant X: "Four will begin. True love will call. One will betray. And one will fall."

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