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Bishop, Ruby

Ruby Bishop -- Played by Chuck Byrn

Ruby Bishop.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telepath/ESPer).

First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Details: 'ESPer' Ruby Bishop owned the bookstore which served as a front for a new mutant safehouse. He was captured by GS agent Frank Thorne, who intimidated him into divulging the location of the safehouse. Mutant X presumably saved him in "I Scream the Body Electric," along with all the other new mutants the GSA kidnapped as a result of his indiscretion.

Quote: Adam: "Ruby's a telepath."
Ruby: "I prefer ESPer. It just sounds....sexier."

From Mutant X Lives: RUBY BISHOP: The highly tuned telepath who owns “My Friend’s Bookstore”, a major information hub and entry station for the Underground Railroad. One of the oldest and most experienced New Mutants on record, Ruby’s passion for literature is equaled by his compassion to help others, particularly victims of mutant hatred. Without his ingenious contributions, Mutant X would never have been able to extend itself from Stormking Mountain to safe houses all over the globe. Perpetual bachelor and keeper of many secrets, Ruby might be soft in the belly but not in spirit. He’s an educator, counselor and warrior in his own right. Recent events involving Genomex have forced him to take some time off, but he wants it known he is always in the game and on top of the next thought.

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