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Blackledge, Nolan

Nolan Blackledge -- Played by Matt Gordon

Nolan Blackledge.

First Appearance: "Dream Lover."

Quote: Nolan Blackledge: "You realize she's a mutant?"
Sebastian Conway: "Of course I do. How many of those freaks did you people make, anyway?"
Nolan: "Not as many as I would have liked. Look at them; they're extraordinary."

Details: Ex-Genomex scientist Nolan Blackledge combined his research in nanotechnology and genetics to create synthetic clones of the women he hired to work in his gentleman’s club, Narrow’s Wake. Along with his nanobot partner, Sebastian Conway, Nolan sold the clones to weathy men to use for their pleasure, while keeping the real women sedated in his laboratory. After Shalimar Fox’s friend Gia Duchamps fell prey to Nolan’s establishment, Mutant X infiltrated the club. Sebastian’s plot to replicate Shalimar and Lexa Pierce backfired when Shalimar freed herself, saving Brennan Mulwray from drowning in time for him to destroy Sebastian with electricity. This put Nolan out of business.

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