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Blake, Lena

Lena Blake -- Played by Tiara Sorensen

Lena Blake.

Mutant Type: Feral (Reptilian).

First Appearance: "Presumed Guilty."

Quote: "I don’t handle rejection very well. Guess you think a girl could just get lost in those eyes, huh? Guess again."

Details: As a reptilian feral, GS agent Lena Blake could walk up walls and spray blinding green gas from her mouth. Lena was able to capture psionic Marc Griffin for Mason Eckhart because her two pink second eyelids protected her eyes from his memory-absorbing gaze. Once Shalimar Fox turned her own gas against her, Marc absorbed Lena’s memories along with Mason’s and sent both back to Genomex.

Trivia: On some Mutant X websites, Lena's last name is listed as Isley.

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