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Block, Nathaniel

Nathaniel Block -- Played by Brad Garrick

Nathaniel Block.

Mutant Type: Feral (Canine).

First Appearance: "Whose Woods These Are."

Details: Nathaniel contracted a virus from his friend Michael Ward while a subject of Genomex's Project 318, a space program experiment designed to create feral astronauts able to withstand alien environments. Emma deLauro and Jesse Kilmartin managed to get Nathaniel out of the state hospital where he was being held, but Nathaniel died from gunshot wounds inflicted by the hospital guards before Adam could find a cure for the virus.

From Mutant X Lives: PROJECT 318: Aren’t you glad now that you followed my instincts and tracked that big, bad werewolf in the north woods? “What big teeth you have, Grandmama!” Your kids were right about Mr. Block and Project 318. It was all a dirty secret of the space program. Almost two years ago, Genomex supplied a motley crew of ambitious scientists with two Feral New Mutants (Nathaniel Block, a Canine and Michael Ward, an Ursine) to become the ultimate astronauts capable surviving all the hazardous alien environments of the final frontiers. (You remember the days when we were all going to live on Mars, don’t you?) Instead of superheroes they got monsters. Ward developed a violent rabies-like reaction to the numerous inoculations he was subjected to and broke them out of the compound they were being conditioned at. My guess is he’s our Bigfoot. To be fair, Project 318 was a covert operation within the space program. When NASA hierarchy learned of its existence, they instantly stepped in and shut it down, apprehending those responsible. It’s little compensation to the victims, I know, but not as frustrating as the residue from other Genomex-related schemes. Anticipating your request, I’ve cleared red tape and made arrangements for Block and Ward’s families. No charge for that one. How’s Shalimar?

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