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Blood Ties

Mutant X Episode Synopses

Blood Ties: Episode #113.

Tag: Jesse is roped into a deadly undercover mission when his estranged father mysteriously shows up. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Percy Dance; Directed by John Fawcett
Art Hindle....Noah Kilmartin
Derwin Jordan....Calvin Porter
Chick Reid....Nicole Carter

Official Synopsis: Jesse (Forbes March) and Brennan (Victor Webster) decide to call it a night after an evening at a popular nightclub. Jesse heads for the parking garage, while Brennan walks his date to her car. As Jesse walks through the garage, he realizes he is being followed. To Jesse's surprise, it's his father, Noah (Art Hindle), who explains that he's on an undercover assignment. His story is cut short when a black car suddenly charges towards them, and a woman named Nicole Carter (Chick Reid) calls out to Noah, telling him he can't keep running. Noah tells Jesse that the people after him are from Nexxogen Security. Noticing that Jesse is distracted, Noah slips a computer disk into his pocket before making a run for it. Jesse starts to chase after his father, but suddenly has to mass out before the pursuing black car slams full speed into him. When Jesse reappears unscathed, Nicole realizes he's a mutant. She gets in the black car and she and her cohorts speed out of the garage in pursuit of Noah, while Jesse, startled and confused, finds a cell phone lying at his feet. At Sanctuary the next morning, Jesse tells Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) about his mysterious run-in with his father, when Adam (John Shea) enters. Having heard part of their conversation, he informs them that Nexxogen is a bioengineering firm that may be linked to Genomex. He reminds them that Nexxogen had a scandalous fire at their facility near the city of Martez the previous year. Meanwhile at Genomex, Calvin Porter (Derwin Jordan), a GSA officer with genetically enhanced hearing, speaks to Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) about a promotion, when Nicole arrives to see Eckhart. She reveals that a member of her security staff stole sensitive material regarding the Martez incident. This implicates Genomex and confirms that the fire was not an accident. Eckhart agrees to help Nicole retrieve the disk and assigns Calvin to the job. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan does some research on Nexxogen and informs Adam that Noah was their head of security until he got fired the previous month. Furthermore, Nexxogen would have gone bankrupt had Genomex not funded them. Meanwhile, Jesse's father calls him on the cell phone and asks for Jesse's help, warning he must come alone. Little do the two know that Calvin has been using his audio filter to listen in on their conversation. When Jesse leaves to meet Noah, Adam prepares Emma and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) to pay a visit to Nexxogen. He uses a laser device to give them both new thumbprints, which will allow them access to the plant, and a micro drive they will use to copy files from the main computer console. As Jesse approaches the designated meeting spot, Noah calls to warn Jesse that there are GSA agents everywhere, and orders him to get back in his car. Jesse listens to his father, and to his surprise, finds Noah battered in the backseat. Jesse takes Noah to a safehouse to tend to his wounds. Noah tells Jesse that he slipped him a computer disk containing all the information pertaining to the Martez accident, and insists that they handle things his way. After Jesse leaves the room to allow Noah to get some rest, Noah makes a quick phone call in which he is strikes a deal - the disk for cash. Meanwhile at Nexxogen, Emma and Shalimar enter the computer center, and download the files while communicating with Adam via comlink. When Shalimar mentions that there were GSA agents at the facility, Adam panics and orders them to escape immediately. Adam sends Brennan in the Double Helix to fetch the girls who narrowly avoid capture. As Nicole watches the two women escape, she calls Noah on his cell phone and tells him that she'll have his money in a day. Just as Noah ends his conversation with Nicole, Calvin and two GSA agents burst in and drag him off. Meanwhile back at Sanctuary, Jesse becomes enraged and storms off when Adam suggests that his father actually stole the file to blackmail Nexxogen. The next evening, Jesse gets a call from Noah who is being detained at Genomex. Noah, however, tells Jesse that he escaped the GSA agents and that Jesse must bring the disk back to the safehouse and leave it. Having monitored the conversation, Eckhart orders Calvin to accompany Noah to get the disk, and once he has it to kill him. Jesse immediately takes off for the safehouse in the Double Helix, ignoring Adam's warning that he is in grave danger. Jesse arrives at the safehouse with the disk. When he sees his father's bags packed, he realizes he was being decieved all along and turns to leave, but Calvin pulls out a gun and holds it to Noah's head. Before Jesse has time to react, Brennan bursts in and a fight ensues. After Jesse and Brennan battle all the agents, Noah sheepishly asks Jesse for the disk, which Jesse crushes in his hand before walking out.

Jesse: I’m calling it a night. You coming home?
Brennan: After I walk Dana to her car.
Jesse: See you soon.
Brennan: Not too soon, I hope.

Brennan: Hey, are you okay? What the hell happened here?
Jesse: My dad showed up.

Calvin Porter: I'm a new mutant, sir, with genetically enhanced hearing.
Mason: Is that so?
Calvin: Yes sir. In fact the sounds of the world nearly drove me out of my mind until the Genomex biotech lab created this audio filter. Now I can pinpoint any frequency over many miles. A great advantage in a field agent.
Mason: Well, Mr. Porter. With those outstanding abilities, I assume you'll be able to hear this: Don't ever speak to me directly again.

Nicole Carter: A member of my security staff invaded our database and downloaded sensitive information regarding the Martez incident.
Mason: How awful for you.
Nicole: I'm not alone out on this limb, Eckhart. Genomex shares responsibility for what happened there.
Mason: That's fascinating. We have entirely different memories of that tragedy. As far as the public is concerned, Genomex saved Nexxogen from bankruptcy, which I've always regarded as an act of unbelievable generosity, since your company is technically our competition.
Nicole: Is that how we're going to play this game? Then let me be more clear. A computer disk with information implicating your company in that incident has been stolen. If this incident comes to light, the world will learn that Martez was no industrial accident.
Mason: In other words...
Nicole: If I go down, you go down.
Mason: I'll put my agents at your disposal.
Nicole: I thought that might change your tune.
Mason: We need to get that disk back immediately.
Nicole: Ya think?

Shalimar: I knew I shouldn't have worn these pants. My underwear is riding up, big-time.
Emma: You're wearing underwear?
Shalimar: You're not?
Adam: You two done?
Shalimar: Yep. I think that about covers it.

Noah Kilmartin: I know about your team. Mutant X?
Jesse: How?
Noah: I've got my sources. C'mon, I've been in covert ops my entire adult life. I know what's happening. Particularly when it concerns my own son. I'm proud of you, Jess. It's great work you're doing.

Brennan: Someone call for a ride?
Emma: We are so screwed!
Brennan: Deactivate cloak! [The Double Helix materializes]
Emma: Or not.

Calvin Porter: It's under control, sir.
Mason: Since you don't have the disk, I'll have to assume your definition of control differs wildly from mine.

Noah Kilmartin: How do you think the world would react if it learned the truth about what happened at Martez?
Mason: That was an industrial accident.
Noah: It was new mutants. Because of the experiments Nexxogen performed at your behest, their genes replicated out of control until their bodies simply exploded. Of course, the file goes into more graphic detail.
Mason: My apologies for your rude reception, Mr. Kilmartin.

Nicole Carter: Mason, there's been another security breach at Nexxogen.
Mason: Yes. I heard they'd installed a revolving door at your facility.

Mason: You lie beautifully, Mr. Kilmartin.
Noah Kilmartin: Well, I'm not lying about this. If anything happens to my son, the deal's off.
Mason: Your loyalty is something to behold.

Noah Kilmartin: You were supposed to bring the disk here and then leave.
Jesse: Yeah, well, I lied. Kinda like you did about giving these guys the slip.
Noah: Jesse, give me the disk.
Jesse: Everybody told me what was happening. I guess I had to see it for myself, huh?
Calvin Porter: Hold it right there, champ. Hand over the disk, or become an instant orphan.
Jesse: Oh, go ahead.
Noah: What?
Jesse: Well, you've been using me all along. Go ahead. It's no loss.

Noah Kilmartin: All I ever wanted was a chance to start over again. I didn't mean to hurt you, but I had no choice.
Jesse: No choice. Y'know, you always have choices, Dad. You just made the wrong one.
Noah: My life wasn't going the way I wanted it to. I wanted to provide for you and--
Jesse: Don't, okay? Just don't.
Noah: Do you have the disk? [Jesse crushes it]
Jesse: Why couldn't you have just come back for me, huh?
Noah: Look. I know the kind of father you want. And I'm sorry, but I'm not that guy.
Jesse: Yeah. I'm sorry too.

Nicole Carter: What am I going to do?
Mason: Well, we have some wonderful job opportunities on the Genomex website. Of course, we require excellent references. And as for you, Mr. Porter. You're going to be listening to me for a long time.

Shalimar: Jess? I heard what happened. You okay?
Jesse: Yeah. I'm fine.
Shalimar: You want to talk about it?
Jesse: No.
Shalimar: Do you want me to leave you alone?
Jesse: No.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Special guest star: Nicole Carter is played by Chick Reid, Tom McCamus's wife in real life.

Jesse and his dad were in father/son martial arts tournaments every year until his folks split up and his dad went undercover and overseas.

If this were a Whedon show, Jesse would've been referred to as "Schmucky the bait" in the script during the teaser. I just wanted to point that out.

How did Jesse not know that his dad slipped him the disk? That's a pretty odd place to touch your son whom you haven't seen in years.

On a similar note, why is Jesse shouting "Noah!" at his father that he hasn't seen in years? He calls him "Dad" for the majority of the show afterwards, even after his betrayal. I know this makes his "My Dad showed up" more dramatic after Brennan comes on the scene, but geez.

Still trying to figure out what kind of mutant Cole Calvin Porter is...a sonic molecular, maybe?

Noah phones Mason from the safehouse to blackmail him for money. Luckily for Noah, that alarm which alerted Mutant X when Daniel Benedict called Mason from his safehouse in “Russian Roulette” remains completely and mysteriously silent.

Brennan however, turns up that Jesse's Dad was working at Nexxogen. Not a very good father Jesse has. Of course, we learn later that the divorce sounds kinda bitter, so it's possible there's other reasons for him not to have contacted Jesse...except that it's not true, poor guy.

Script stupidity: Why does the device Adam uses for taking Shalimar and Emma's thumbprints hurt?

Also, why does it take so long for the team to tell Jesse their suspicions? And when they do, why aren't they forcing him to sit down and look at the proof instead of just telling him? They didn't think he'd actually believe it otherwise, did they? And they do have that handy dojo trap they used for Daniel Benedict...

How does Jesse's dad know about Mutant X? And why isn't Jesse suspicious at this point? I mean, sure, his Dad's covert ops, but then wouldn't he have heard something from him before now? Of course, given the nature of their relationship, that "I'm proud of you" probably went a good way towards Jesse not wanting to question anything. Noah's just a manipulating bastard. How'd Jesse turn out so trusting and innocent?

Moving on to the girls break-in to Nexxogen--they're stopped at the door. Why cause a scene by kicking ass right away? Couldn't Emma have done some psionic stuff first?

I just want to point out that Emma takes out four GS agents on her own here, without even needing to use her psionic abilities. Count ‘em, four.

How come the GSA is so good at finding Mutant X safehouses? And shouldn't it be sound proof? I mean, Sanctuary seems to be everyone-who-isn't-a-telecyber proof, wouldn't a few more safehouse precautions be in order?

Jesse expected Shal to take his side, even if no one else would. Awwww.

Noah: "If anything happens to my son, the deal's off." OK, so Noah's only 99% manipulating bastard. Of course, Mason just orders Noah's death anyway.

Note that there's nothing the team can do once Jesse's in the Helix headed toward disaster. It's a shame that Adam didn't take the next logical step to reconfigure the manual override sequence after Ashley Elliot successfully hijacked the Double Helix in "Lit Fuse." He doesn't make that mistake twice, though, since the sequence works just fine when Shalimar takes the Helix in "A Normal Life."

Why did Brennan change shirts to come after Jesse? Especially since Jesse was in the Helix with a head start, and the ground car *has* to be slower.

Why does Jesse know to grab Cole Calvin Porter's audio filter? (He then masses to protect his dad from the bullets. Go figure.)

Adam is watching Shalimar comforting Jesse at the end. It seems rather creepy. I mean either go down there or give them some privacy. (Seriously, it's a good thing no one was doing the horizontal tango in Sanctuary during seasons one and two.)

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 0 Adam Kisses: 1 Freak mentions: 1 Food intake: 1 drink (Emma B)

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