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Body and Soul

Mutant X Episode Synopses

Body and Soul: Episode #209.

Tag: The Mutant X team sets out to stop the vengeful soul of a teenage boy from killing innocent people. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by David L. Newman; Directed by Brenton Spicer
Katia Corriveau....Kelly Trask
Melinda Deines....Carla Reed
Richard Grant....Handler
Jayne Heitmeyer....Beverly Parrish (voice)
David Lipper....Vic Morelli
Frank Moore....Dr. Leo McAllister
Alan Murley....Dr. Dennis Malone
Noah Plener....Manager
David Sutcliffe....Dr. Mark Kearney
Brandon Thomas....Cyrus Payton (voice)
Liz West....Announcer
Kelvin Wheeler....Limo Driver

Official Synopsis: Adam (John Shea) exits the Genetics Technology Convention and approaches former Genomex co-worker Mark Kearney (David Sutcliffe). They both had come to listen to ex-Genomex scientist, Dennis Malone (Allan Murley), speak. Moments later, Malone appears and answers a few questions from reporter Carla Reed (Melinda Deines) before getting in his limo. Carla and her cameraman Vic (David Lipper) follow the limo and suddenly see the driver (Kelvin Wheeler) reach into Malone's chest with a ghostly hand. Adam and Mark run up as Malone collapses to the ground dead and the limo driver speeds off. At Sanctuary, the team watches footage of the attack while Adam explains that Malone had implemented the experiments that Genomex perpetrated on hundreds of unwitting subjects. Adam refused to work for Malone once he learned his research was being used for human modification. While Jesse (Forbes March) searches the database for information on Malone, Adam, Brennan (Victor Webster), Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) go to the morgue. Outside the morgue, Carla and Vic spot the limo driver calling out to Mark. Mark recognizes something about him and runs in the opposite direction. Shalimar appears, grabs the driver and a fight ensues. When he again turns his sights on Mark, Shalimar grabs Mark's hand and the two escape in a morgue vehicle. Brennan and Emma then use their powers on the driver, but they have little effect. Suddenly, Emma sees a superimposed ghost of a tortured young man standing behind the limo driver, but the next second it vanishes. Carla and Vic enter with their camera rolling just as Brennan is about to shoot the driver with a tesla coil. Not wanting to expose the Mutant X team, he stifles his powers. The limo driver flees to the waiting area and after touching an attractive woman (Katia Corriveau), collapses dead. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Mark pull over a safe distance from the morgue and as Mark exits the vehicle he tells Shalimar he'd like to see her again. Back at Sanctuary, Adam reads the coroner's report that states that Malone's body was like that of an eighty-year-old even though he was only fifty. Emma then tells the team about the ghost-like figure she saw. She’s convinced that there was a powerful and tortured soul living in his body, which she knows is still out there. Upon hearing this, Jesse is certain that Mark’s life is in danger. Adam then reveals that Malone had been working with Leo McAllister (Frank Moore) on the "Walker Project" - a study on the power of astral projection. Meanwhile, Carla and Vic are studying their footage when an assistant hands them a story on Adam and Genomex. Later at an internet café, Carla and Vic watch the newscast, while across the room the attractive woman from the morgue searches for information on Leo McAllister. Back at Sanctuary, the team watches the new footage and notices the expression on the face of the attractive woman the limo driver touched. Thinking Mark might be able to identify the woman, Shalimar goes to the clinic to see him, but he denies any knowledge of the woman or “The Walker Project.” As Shalimar and Adam leave the clinic they are approached and interrogated by Carla, but refuse to answer her questions. Meanwhile, Jesse gets a lead on the attractive woman, who's name is Kelly. At a nearby hotel, the team gets ready to bust into Kelly's room, but she sees them coming and knocks the door outward hitting Brennan in the process. As Emma zaps her with a psionic blast, she sees the woman split into two beings just as the limo driver had. The projection of the angry young man is shocked that Emma can see him and tells her that they have to pay for what they did. When he slips back inside Kelly, Brennan begins hitting her with a series of blows, but she takes off running. The team splits up and goes in search of Mark and Carla. At the TV station, Emma finds Kelly’s body behind Vic’s desk and realizes that Vic and Carla must have located McAllister and the soul was now in Vic’s body. Meanwhile at the clinic, Mark confesses to Shalimar and Brennan that he and Malone stole the soul of teenage boy Cyrus Payton (BrandonThomas) after they discovered a way for him to project himself into other people’s bodies. When his own body died, Malone created a containment field to hold him, but he escaped. Emma radios Brennan to let him know that the boy’s soul has jumped into Vic’s body. Meanwhile, Carla and Vic arrive at the junkyard where McAllister’s been living and confront him about his involvement in “The Walker Project.” When he denies being involved, Vic tells him he was there. Shocked, McAllister shoots Vic just as Emma and Jesse arrive. Vic, ignoring Emma’s pleas, grabs Carla and takes off in the news van. Meanwhile, Brennan realizes that if he can get Cyrus out of Vic’s body, he can use his electrical powers to contain him. Vic arrives at the clinic with Carla, but just as he puts his hand on her chest and drives out her life force, Mark and the team appear. Emma shoots Carla with a psionic blast that knocks Cyrus’ astral form out of her body and Brennan hits him with a tesla coil that causes him to disappear. Later at Sanctuary, the team watches the news announcer sadly report the death of two of their employees.

Adam: If there’s a profit to be made in an ethical vaccuum, then Malone’s gonna be all over it.
Mark: Sometimes I wonder how things might have turned out differently for me if I’d chosen to work on your project instead of Malone’s.
Adam: It wasn’t just Malone that doomed Genomex. We all made mistakes.

Carla Reed: You’re advocating funding for a plethora of new gene manipulation technologies. Is is true that many of these genetic technologies have been assessed as potential threats by experts at the World Health Organization?
Dr. Dennis Malone: Experts arrested Galileo when he said that the earth traveled around the sun.
Carla: Isn’t it also true you’re recommending these grants be given mainly to your friends and former associates at the Genomex corporation?
Dr. Malone: Funding goes to people who are on the cutting edge. People who aren’t afraid to take chances.
Carla: Even if those chances threaten public safety?
Dr. Malone: I only advocate research which is conducted in a secure facility. Human comfort and human life are not at risk.
Carla: What assurances do the public have of this?
Bodyguard: I’m afraid we’re done here.

Adam: Dennis Malone was one of the powers of Genomex when I arrived, you know, and these were the glory days. These were the days when we had the freedom to take the research wherever we wanted it to go.
Brennan: You’ll excuse me when I don’t get all warm and fuzzy about your, you know, good old days at Genomex, but I’ve seen what those glory days ended up in.
Adam: Right, and Dennis Malone was one of the reasons why. But when I found out where his research was headed, I quit the team.
Shalimar: And where was it headed?
Adam: Human modification. I mean, it was his research that formed the basis for all the adjustments that Genomex perpetrated on you all.
Emma: Could you please not use the word 'adjustment'? It makes me feel like a skirt that's been hemmed.

Shalimar: Who’s this guy?
Adam: Well, that’s Mark Kearney. He’s a brilliant student who joined Malone’s team just before the whole thing fell apart.
Shalimar: When did they start packaging researchers like that?

Shalimar: He’s lying.
Adam: I don’t know. It’s just protocol. Genomex may be gone, but what’s classified is still classified.

Mark Kearney: I should’ve known Adam would have turned Genomex’s mistakes into something good.
Shalimar: Well, as one of Genomex’s mistakes, I don’t know whether I should be insulted or complimented.
Mark: I’m sorry. I just never imagined that the dream of creating the perfect being could ever come true.

Adam: Great. Maybe we should just wear Mutant X tee-shirts.
Brennan: Oh, come on, Adam. What were we supposed to do, just let him take out your friend Mark, walk away and take someone else out?
Adam: I know. But we’ve got to shut this thing down without anybody else getting hurt. And preferably do it without getting ourselves exposure on national television.

Shalimar: Might be worth running it by Mark Kearney.
Adam: Yeah, I don’t know how cooperative he’s gonna be.
Shalimar: Well, unless I misread that look he gave me earlier, I think he’ll be plenty cooperative.
Adam: All right, we’ll go by Mark’s clinic. I’ll drop you off. Maybe you might be more successful if you go in alone.
Brennan: So is this picture all you’re planning on running past him?
Shalimar: Stop it.

Shalimar: You really do have a way with the ladies, don’t you?
Mark: As a lady, you’re better qualified to tell me.
Shalimar: You have a way.
Mark: Tell me you’re not here as a patient.
Shalimar: You wouldn’t want to treat me?
Mark: Well, if you were a patient, the code of ethics might get in the way of dinner.
Shalimar: Well, I’m not a patient.

Carla: What about the rumors that this research might have created people with superhuman abilities and powers?
Adam: Rumors? Look, in science we don’t work from rumors. I hope the news works the same way.

Shalimar: You’re a real tough guy, aren’t ya?
Brennan: Yeah. Look, just cause his hands look clean, doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Remember that.

Jesse: The police identified the woman who McGillis shifted into, Kelly Travis. She disappeared from the group she was with and hasn’t been seen since.
Brennan: Well, we're gonna need more than a name, Jess.
Jesse: Well, give me a little credit. She checked into a cheap motel with her credit card a couple of hours ago. I’ll go get Shalimar, we’ll check it out.
Brennan: No, no. We’ll go without her.

Beverly: Hello, Adam. I hope you didn’t expect me to show up in that dreadful place with my allergies.

Shalimar: I guess I should have expected one of the Princes of Genomex to live like this.
Mark: I have the house, but that was somebody else. Another life.
Shalimar: Does that account for your job at the free clinic too? Kinda seems like you’re trying to make amends for something.
Mark: Are you planning to psychoanalyze me all night?
Shalimar: I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. I just want to help.
Mark: There are some things that when they’re done, you can never go back to. You’ve gotta move on.

Emma: When I hit him with the psionic blast, whoever it was almost left the body again. And then all I felt was this overpowering sadness. Like a ghost who envied all of us who were still living.

Jesse: I'll cover the reporter.
Emma: And I'll make sure he doesn't end up giving her an exclusive.

Shalimar: Look, Mark, you know it’s only a matter of time until he comes after you.
Mark: In a way, I suppose I’ve been ready for that since the day I left Genomex.
Shalimar: It’s okay.
Mark: It’s not okay! We took a 16 year old kid and we stole his soul. His name was Cyrus Payton. He used to hang around waiting for his treatments reading comics and eating junk food. Except for his astral projection powers, normal kid. And then Malone figured out a way for him to shift into other people’s bodies. And then he found he couldn’t get back to his own.
Shalimar: What?
Mark: He shifted too long. And when he tried to get back, the body had died. Poor kid was stuck, shifting from body to body and never able to stay anywhere because he’d burn them out.
Shalimar: You tried to help him, right?
Mark: At Genomex, there was only one way to deal with mistakes. Instead of trying to find him a stable body, Malone created a containment field. An electrical version of the pods.

Emma: Cyrus, I know how you feel.
Cyrus Payton: No, you don’t.
Emma: Yes, I do, believe me. I feel it. But killing these people isn’t gonna do anything to help.
Cyrus: Yes, it will. It will finish it.

Shalimar: It’s over.
Mark: Is it?

Adam: In a way, I feel guilty.
Brennan: Oh, come on, Adam. No one forced her to take on this story.
Emma: In fact, it would have been impossible to keep her off it.
Adam: No, I know, but still. It’s just more lives chalked up to the Genomex scandal.
Emma: How’s Mark?
Shalimar: Well, I think he’s gonna need some time.
Emma: And the two of you?
Shalimar: I think the last thing he needs is to be reminded of mutants and Genomex. That’s kind of me all over, isn’t it?

Trivia & Nitpicks: According to Adam, any physician who witnesses a death in the Mutant Xverse is required to show up at the coroner’s office to make a statement. If that's really the case, Adam must spend a lot of time at the coroner’s office.

After the “Kilohertz” debacle at WXDV, there’s a new television station in town, WXTY.

Dr. Mark Kearney worked under Adam for six months before he was transferred to The Walker Project.

Beverly Parrish, a.k.a. Christina, has allergies.

In “Time Squared,” Adam told Emma that he was the bright young star when he started at Genomex. But in this episode he switches gears, claiming that he wasn’t Genomex’s golden boy after all, but the unfavored competitor of the real star, Dr. Dennis Malone. He says that Dr. Malone’s more financially sound research attracted more attention and all the best scientists.

Adam also shifts the blame for creating new mutants, informing Mutant X that it was actually Dr. Malone who came up with the process for altering their DNA. If that’s so, then exactly was Adam responsible for inventing at Genomex? The pods, the subdermal governors...and a method for shortening the lifespan of new mutants by triggering further mutation, as with Gabriel Ashlocke?

What’s up with the uncomfortable hesitation in Adam’s sentence when he explains to Mark Kearney that he and Shalimar “ together”?

If Cyrus kills by replacing the other person’s soul, then how did he manage to kill Dennis Malone, the manager at Web Fusi@n, and Leo McAllister without leaving the body he was in?

How did Kelly manage to get the limo driver’s Cheetos in the morgue? He wasn’t carrying them when he came from fighting Mutant X.

With a photo search, Carla is able to match her videotaped image of Adam with the photo in the article from “Time Squared,” despite the fact that Adam’s decades younger in the latter picture.

Apparently assuming that everyone is deaf, both Shalimar and later Brennan start questioning Mark about astral projection right in front of his patients at the free clinic.

After the fight at Kelly's motel, Emma tells Adam that Brennan "hit her with a solid blast, but she just shook it off." As a matter of fact, Brennan never zapped Kelly at all.

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