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Bosch, Lawrence

Lawrence Bosch -- Played by Alan Blenkinsopp

Lawrence Bosch.

First Appearance: "Possibilities."

Details: Lawrence Bosch was the CEO of drug company Loire Industries. Infamous for his cruelty towards competitors and research subjects alike, Bosch hired two mutants to plant a bomb in the boardroom of a rival drug company when it seemed their newest drug might overshadow his own. His former employee, the time-travelling mutant Samantha Bennett, overheard his schemes and contacted The Dominion for Mutant X’s help in disarming the bomb. After several failed attempts after which Samantha continually took the team back in time to try again, Jesse Kilmartin was eventually successful in deactivating the bomb. Lexa Pierce then killed Bosch with a laser, thus avenging the death of two of her former team members several years prior at Bosch’s hands.

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