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Boyle, Eddie

Eddie Boyle -- Played by Jason Schombing

Eddie Boyle.

First Appearance: "Conspiracy Theory."

Eddie: "The aliens! The government's been working with them for years."
Shalimar: "The government?"
Eddie: "Yeah. In collusion with organized crime, the church, and the cast of Friends. But that's a long story."

Details: Eddie Boyle was a respected journalist until he happened to take a picture of Brennan Mulwray using his abilities. The photograph made him a laughing stock, and Eddie lost job, family, and professional integrity as he became a conspiracy nut obsessed with investigating the truth about what he had seen. Shalimar Fox and Brennan met him shortly after Eddie stumbled onto evidence of a government program creating bacteria-wielding assassins called Project Contact. Eddie's friend Leon was shot to death to cover up the information, but using another elderly conspiracy nut Silver and their combined resources, the three uncovered a plot to assassinate Senator Daniel Richards, a staunch opponent of government genetic research. In the board room, Eddie heroically blocked the assassin’s blow, absorbing the bacteria intended for the senator. Brennan showed him a tesla coil as Eddie lay dying, allowing the reporter to finally find the truth he had been seeking.

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