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Breed Apart, A

Mutant X Episode Synopses

A Breed Apart: Episode #121

Tag: The Mutant X team faces its biggest challenge yet when Gabriel Ashlocke, the most powerful of all mutants, threatens to take over the world. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Howard Chaykin; Directed by Brad Turner
Michael Easton....Gabriel Ashlocke
Andrew Gillies....Dr. Kenneth Harrison
Karen LeBlanc....Morgan Fortier
Kim Schraner....Kelly Rice

Official Synopsis: Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) attempt to rescue Kelly Rice (Kim Schraner), a mutant with the ability to start fires, from GSA agent Morgan Fortier (Karen LeBlanc) and her team of super-mutant field agents. Just as Brennan prepares to throw an electrical arc, things suddenly change. The electricity backfires, sending Brennan flying. Shalimar jumps in, pushing Kelly to safety. As they're about to flee, however, Morgan uses her telekinetic powers to trap Kelly in a maze of pipes. Shalimar and Brennan abandon Kelly, returning to Sanctuary to inform Adam (John Shea) of the super-mutants they've encountered, and Brennan's sudden inability to control his powers. Morgan enters Genomex and uses her powers to put all security officers and agents into a deep sleep. She then releases the handsome but intimidating Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton) from the pod that has held him since childhood. Once the two escape, Morgan snaps her fingers, releasing the employees from their trance. When Eckhart (Tom McCamus) learns of Gabriel's disappearance, he frantically explains to his cohort, Dr. Harrison (Andrew Gillies), that Gabriel Ashlocke, also referred to as Patient Zero, was the first child of Genomex. Undeniably the most powerful mutant, Gabriel was placed into a pod for his own safety and the good of the world. Eckhart immediately orders Morgan and her field agents on a manhunt. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse (Forbes March) tells Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) about the bizarre encounter he had with Kelly at a safehouse. He says she tried to recruit him into a group called The Strand, describing it as an alternative to Mutant X. He shows Emma the flyer Kelly gave him. Meanwhile, Shalimar tells Adam that she too, can no longer control her mutant abilities. At the Museum of Antiquities, Gabriel presents himself to the devout members of The Strand, who listen intently as he preaches against Eckhart and Mutant X. That night, Emma panics when a shimmering star-shaped energy burst suddenly appears in front of her forehead. Moments later, when Jesse attempts to phase out, he realizes that his powers are also off-kilter. Testing all of their blood, Adam concludes that they are experiencing a growth spurt and will need to adapt to their new powers. When Jesse informs Adam of his encounter with Kelly, Adam goes to Emma to get the flyer. Upon reading it, he goes pale and calls an emergency meeting. He tells the team that Gabriel is a sociopath, who was born without a conscience and believes himself to be God. After Gabriel killed his parents, Adam created the subdermal governor and the pods to protect the world from his wrath. Adam secures the Anomite in a place no one will ever find.Back at the museum, Kelly informs Gabriel that she knows a way to recruit mutants into The Strand. Later at a safehouse, Brennan and Shalimar are practicing their new powers when they suddenly find themselves in a romantically awkward moment. The silence is broken, however, when Gabriel and Kelly enter and ask the two to join The Strand. When Shalimar declines, Kelly uses her powers to create a wall of fire around the computer console. Shalimar recoils while Brennan attempts to create a tesla coil, which Gabriel easily stops. Gabriel then uses his super powers to blast Brennan, knocking him out. Kelly works on downloading files from the Mutant X database, while Gabriel hits Shalimar with an energy pulse. He then throws the unconscious Shalimar over his shoulder, exiting the safehouse with Kelly. Back at the museum, Morgan becomes enraged when she realizes that the database Kelly stole is encrypted, and therefore useless. As Kelly flees the room visibly upset, two feral mutants enter with Shalimar. Realizing that Shalimar is unimpressed by his powers, Gabriel places his palm on her forehead, freezing her in place. The moment he removes his hand, she submits to him. Back at Sanctuary, Emma senses that Shalimar is in grave danger and insists they search for her. At Genomex, Gabriel enters Eckhart's office with Morgan and Shalimar, ordering that Eckhart be apprehended and taken to a pod. When Brennan suddenly bursts on the scene, Shalimar, still under Gabriel's control, lunges at him. Brennan dodges Shalimar and immobilizes Morgan with a bolt of electricity, before shooting an electrical arc at Gabriel. In all the chaos, Harrison frantically tries to decrypt the Mutant X database, but Emma and Jesse appear and pounce on him. Gabriel recovers, and he and Shalimar attack Brennan with a vengeance, but Emma comes to the rescue shooting a psionic blast at Shalimar that releases her from Gabriel's control. When Shalimar turns on Gabriel, Brennan stops her and tells the team it's time to go. As Gabriel watches them exit, he comments that there's no better place to start conquering the world than Genomex.

Quotes: Morgan Fortier: Kelly! C'mon, I thought we were friends.
Kelly: Go to hell. And here's a preview.

Brennan: Didn't your mother ever tell you to wear rubbers?

Adam: Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.
Shalimar: When have you ever known Brennan to be discrete?
Adam: Well, there is that.
Brennan: Guys, you know I'm going through something totally weird here, and you're making fun of me?

Adam: Hey, wait a minute, where do you think you're going? Come here.
Brennan: Adam, you know, I'm really not in the mood for a tune-up right now.
Shalimar: C'mon, you big baby.
Brennan: Can we just do this later?
Shalimar: I'll hold your hand.

Emma: So I heard about what happened with Brennan. Is he sick?
Adam: No, I wouldn't actually call him sick. It's--well, I don't know, let's just say my research is preliminary and leave it at that.
Emma: Which means you know something and you're not telling.
Adam: Look, I need to know if you experience any unusual manifestations of your gifts right away.
Emma: Okay, now you're scaring me. I mean, I finally just get comfortable wiht one kind of weirdness, and now you're telling me that there's more?
Adam: No, not necessarily.
Emma: Well, what's that supposed to mean?
Adam: Well, it means that Brennan's power burst may be a completely isolated event, or could be the first indication of a major shift for all of you.
Emma: Well, thanks for narrowing it down for me.
Adam: Genomex opened the frontiers of genetic science. Right now we're lost in the middle of nowhere without a compass.
Emma: Yeah, well I guess I'm just a little worried about the immunity challenge.

Dr. Ken Harrison: I have all units, security officers and GS agents on full alert.
Mason: You’ll have to do better than that. The man who escaped is Gabriel Ashlocke, Patient Zero, the first child of Genomex.
Dr. Ken Harrison: How does that impact on our manhunt?
Mason: Mr. Ashlocke’s new mutant abilities were in a constant state of flux from birth.
Morgan Fortier: That’s why he was podded. For his own good and the rest of the world.
Mason: Miss Fortier, it might be a good idea to warn all units of the potential risk of his capture.
Morgan Fortier: I have my A squad prepared for any eventualities, sir.
Mason: Not likely. Gabriel Ashlocke’s new mutant gifts are off the meter. It is imperative that you bring him into custody immediately.
Morgan Fortier: I promise you sir, he’ll be back at Genomex before you know it.

Jesse: Hey, I hope I didn’t interrupt you.
Emma: No, I’ve just been trying to relax for the past hour.
Jesse: Good, ‘cause the weirdest thing just happened to me at the safehouse.
Emma: And just think. If I had had a couple more minutes, I might have been able to relax.
Jesse: Oh. I’m sorry. I just really thought I should tell somebody about this.
Emma: So tell.
Jesse: Okay. I met this girl.
Emma: Why do all your stories seem to start like that?
Jesse: It’s not that kind of a story, Emma.

Morgan Fortier: Welcome home, Gabriel. When you're rested, we're ready to work.
Gabriel Ashlocke: Rested? I've been in a Genomex-induced coma my entire adult life. I'll get all the rest I need when I'm dead.

Adam: Well, your bloodwork confirms what I've suspected from word one, which is that you're all experiencing what I can only call a new mutant growth spurt.
Brennan: A growth spurt? Well, that's interesting, 'cause all of a sudden I'm Rocket Boy and Shalimar's got eyes in the back of her head, Jesse's phasing stairwells and Emma's got a mental bazooka and that's a growth spurt?
Adam: Yeah.
Brennan: How are you staying so calm, cool, and collected through all this?
Adam: Right. Remember when you were a kid and you were first getting a handle on your powers?
Brennan: Yeah. I had a few problems and caused a few problems too.
Adam: Yeah, but then eventually, like when you learned to walk and talk, it all became second nature, right?
Brennan: Yeah. I guess I gotta take what seems a problem and make it a solution.
Adam: And they call me a genius.

Gabriel Ashlocke: I'm so thankful to all of you. For keeping my dream alive. Eckhart has punished us by invading our bodies and our minds. Now they want to use us a weapons of destruction against our own kind. Not here to tell anyone--average or gifted--how to live. I'm talking about a fellowship of like-minded friends. No GSA power trips, no Mutant X invisibility. Just life as it was meant to be lived.

Jesse: You know, is it just me or are there a lot of spacy women among the children of Genomex, Adam?

Adam: No headache? No residual resentment at Brennan for shocking you senseless?
Emma: No. Actually, this is pretty cool.
Adam: Well, I'm glad you feel that way.
Emma: But you're surprised.
Adam: Well, yeah. I mean, this could also be pretty damn frightening.
Emma: Yeah, and pretty damn powerful too.
Adam: Oh, I see. So now you've got a new muscle to flex, huh?
Emma: No, no new muscle. I mean, I finally feel I have something that makes me worthy of the team.
Adam: No, that's crazy.
Emma: Is it? Jesse, Shalimar and Brennan get all the action while I hang around and mess with people's feelings. Now I finally get to kick some ass too.

Adam: See where this says 0.0? That's code for Patient Zero. He was the first child of Genomex, a man called Gabriel Ashlocke. He's potentially the most powerful new mutant alive. But Gabriel was born without a conscience and he considers himself a god.
Emma: Didn't you mention something about this when we first met?
Adam: Right. That was Gabriel I was talking about. He's a sociopath. Before we could stop him, he killed his parents using his new mutant abilities. Of course, we could never prove it in court; any judge would have thought us insane. So because of him I invented the subdermal governor. And the pods.

Shalimar: Oh yeah, I know that look. That's your "I hate myself for what I've done to these poor new mutants" look.

Mason: I've got a renegade Number Two out there plotting who knows what with a potentially monstrous anomaly.
Dr. Ken Harrison: We've beefed up security at every level at every shift.
Mason: Well, you'd better pray that that is enough. Because if you think that Adam and his pack of superpowered hoodlums were a pain in the ass, Gabriel Ashlocke gives new meaning to the term.

Gabriel Ashlocke: I wasn't asleep all those years in that pod. I was aware of everything.
Kelly: That's horrible.
Gabriel Ashlocke: My faith in all of you was what sustained me through all those years. To use my power to protect the gifted few against the clueless masses.
Kelly: We have to learn to live alongside the average man and woman.
Gabriel Ashlocke: I think it's time the average man and women learned to live alongside us.

Emma: I'm just playing around. Did you have a funectomy or what?
Jesse: I don't know what to tell you. Everyone else seems to be getting a handle on their new thing, and I'm not even close. And don't tell me I'm trying too hard, because Shalimar's already given me the whole "go with the flow" speech.
Emma: Farthest thing from my mind. You know, the truth is, I think yours is the toughest. I mean, you have to deal with the whole world around you, right?

Gabriel Ashlocke: So this is where the children of Genomex run and hide.
Kelly: These two are members of Mutant X.
Shalimar: Something tells me you're Gabriel Ashlocke.
Gabriel Ashlocke: Something tells me my reputation precedes me.

Kelly: I'm finished here, Gabriel. We've got everything.
Gabriel Ashlocke: Not quite everything.
Shalimar: You've gotta be kidding me.

Gabriel Ashlocke: I love it when dreams come true.

Dr. Ken Harrison: Good news, Mason. I believe we've found Mr. Ashlocke.
Mason: Wonderful news. Our final step is to concentrate all our resources on bringing him down. Alive is possible, dead if necessary.
Dr. Ken Harrison: Oh, I think alive is a definite possibility.
Morgan Fortier: I told you he'd be back before you knew it.
Gabriel Ashlocke: Hey. It's good to be back, Mason.
Mason: Security.
Gabriel Ashlocke: Don't bother. Harrison's done quite a job for me here. Anyone on staff not loyal to us has been...eliminated.
Dr. Ken Harrison: Oh, stop goggling, Mason.

Gabriel Ashlocke: Think of it as a chance to catch up on some much needed rest and a chance to spend eternity regretting everything.

Shalimar: Like I said, scumbag. In your dreams.

Brennan: Hey Shal, it's good to have you back.
Shalimar: Well, it's not like I was gone long.
Brennan: I didn't mean--well, you know. I tried to stop him at the safehouse before he grabbed you, you know.
Shalimar: No, you didn't.

Gabriel Ashlocke: What better place to start conquering the world from than Genomex?

Adam: I'm more worried about Gabriel Ashlocke. The guy's a lunatic with the lust for an empire and the power to get what he wants.
Jesse: Well, he is only one man.
Shalimar: And we are a team.
Brennan: Please. We can take Ashlocke.
Emma: Put him back where he belongs.
Adam: All right, so we're agreed. We'll face any challenge that lies ahead of us. And to hell with anyone who stands in our way.

Trivia & Nitpicks: This episode's title, "A Breed Apart," came up in "Dark Star Rising," when Shalimar was telling Lt. Beau Longstreet what makes ferals special: "Among new mutants, we're a breed apart."

One generally confusing point is that the season one finale, "A Breed Apart," (ep. 121) actually aired before the second-to-last episode, "Dancing on the Razor" (ep. 122). Thus fans watching the episodes in numerical order will see Mason, who was podded 'for all eternity' in episode 121, pop back up unharmed in 122, only to mysteriously become podded again in the first episode of the second season.

We learn that Mutant X has a secure web site for mutants in the underground to check in on.

Adam says Ashlocke was born without a conscience and thinks he's a god. Emma then says he told her something about this when they first met in "The Shock of the New."

We learn that Adam designed the subdermal governors and the pods. The rest of Mutant X seem awfully calm about this revelation.

'The Usual' safehouse instructions: "Stay off the main arteries. Obey the posted speed limits. And check in with the secured website when you get to your destinations. Good luck."

Jesse was in charge of restocking the safehouses. Or at least the safehouse where Brennan and Shalimar were practicing. And just what did young Jesse put in that water bottle, an aphrodisiac?

Ferals are supposed to fear fire, but Kelly's flames don't seem to bother Morgan's feral GS agent much at all.

Why does The Strand take so much time and energy to get Kelly back? What's the motivation? It's not like fire walls are that huge of a skill set.

What good is caging Kelly with the pipes when you can see doors behind her? Why isn't she running instead of screaming?

It's funny how when Shalimar's hurt she wants to chase after the bad guys. When Brennan's hurt, all she wants to do is get him back to Sanctuary.

If springing Ashlocke is that easy, what took the Strand so long?

Towards the beginning of the episode, Gabriel says he was in a Genomex-induced coma his entire adult life. He later tells Kelly he was aware the whole time. Which is it?

Why is Shal jogging through Sanctuary barefoot? You'd think that would be hard on her feet. Also, does sneaking up on a Feral mutant, eyes in the back of her head or not, seem like a bad idea to anyone else?

Do New Mutants exude some kind of pheromone that causes them to all have growth spurts at the same time? Much like women who live together cycle together.

During his little heart to heart with Adam, Brennan seems pretty upset with himself about zapping Emma. He should be, it's the second time in three weeks! Adam reassures him that he did the right thing, but instead of immediately electrocuting the poor girl, a cooler headed person might have simply asked her to stand still and look away from her teammates.

Did Shal have to straddle Brennan after knocking him on his back in the dojo? Way to mess with the 'shippers. (This whole episode does that.)

Kelly calls The Strand an alternative to Mutant X. This ties Mutant X more tightly with the underground than previous episodes. So a big season one mystery: is Mutant X affiliated with the underground or the sole organizer?

Emma's room changes dramatically between seasons one and two? Also, I think it's dimensionally transcendental--it shouldn't fit in the space that's provided on the more familiar parts of the set.

Emma telling Jesse he's being boring when she's got the psychic ball thingy going on is just so cute. I can't decide why.

Why does Shalimar grab her coat when Gabriel shows up? Wouldn't it be easier to fight you know, without it?

When Shalimar leaps at Gabriel, the wires holding her up are clearly visible.

That scene, incidentally, reeks of a cliffhanger. Bad guy shows up, kidnaps Shal and the database. However, it goes on for fifteen minutes for a gentler cliffhanger. Trying to be nice to the fans in case they don't come back?

How did Kelly find, let alone copy the database if it was, in fact, encrypted? And what happened to the self-destruct mechanism the safehouse databases had in "Interface"?

Dr. Ken Harrison finally turns on Mason after all those threats and the attempted podding. No wonder he was Teflon coated; Morgan was protecting him so she'd have her man in place when the grand master plan went into effect.

So Shalimar gets a hug after a near-death experience? Why doesn't Emma after she dies for a whole five minutes? Perhaps that's the real reason she interrupts Brennan and Shalimar? Also, in the last scene, it looks like they're coming from Emma calling them, what did she want them to look at? And finally, what on Earth is Brennan apologizing for?

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