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Breedlove, Dr. Eleanor Singer

Pic from The Breedlove Foundation

Dr. Eleanor Singer Breedlove.

Details: Dr. Singer never actually made an appearance on the show itself, but according to Tribune Entertainment's faux website The Breedlove Foundation, Eleanor was the co-founder of what would later become Genomex, along with her husband, Dr. Paul Breedlove.

From Dr. Singer's memorial on The Breedlove Foundation website: A daughter of one of the most influential families in America, Ellie Singer was a renowned pediatrics specialist in an age when there were few lady doctors. Wed to Dr. Paul in April of 1961, her lifelong vision of a children's hospital and anti-birth defects clinic became a reality three short years later. "From there, all we could do was grow." By spreading the Singer fortune and letting Dr. Paul's genius flourish, Ellie made possible all the miracles that became The Breedlove Foundation. Though her hands-on involvement and medical practice ended in the 1970's, she was always a cherished presence. Ever demure, Ellie was quoted before her death as saying, "I have only now realized what I have brought into the world." May her legacy multiply. "Mother Breedlove" (1934-1989)

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