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Details: A fandom term. With the current fad of abbreviating romantic relationships between characters by combining their names, several new terms for 'ships in the Mutant X fandom have emerged. Among them is the term Bremma, which is shorthand for "the romantic potential between Brennan Mulwray and Emma DeLauro." Brennan and Emma flirted a bit upon first meeting one another in the first two episodes of the series, "Shock of the New" and "I Scream the Body Electric," but a romance never developed between these two over the course of the series. This has not prevented some fans from dreaming and writing about one, however.

Trivia: According to early Mutant X casting breakdowns, Emma and Brennan were actually slated to become romantically attached during the series: [Brennan Mulwray] has one weakness.... the Mutant X named Emma for whom [he] is crazy about.

Links: Beyond Friends. Emma Brennan Fanfiction. Power Surge.

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