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Details: A fandom term. With the current fad of abbreviating romantic relationships between characters by combining their names, several new terms for 'ships in the Mutant X fandom have emerged. Among them is the term Brenimar (also known as Shalnan), which is shorthand for "the romantic potential between Brennan Mulwray and Shalimar Fox."

Perhaps the most popular and controversial canon relationship in the Mutant X fandom, the romantic potential between Brennan and Shalimar remains inconsistent until the last season's twilight. Shalimar labels Brennan a teammate and "more like a brother" in the first season, which ends with an almost-kiss between the two. In Season 2, subtle hints of jealousy crop up as Shalimar and Brennan have other romances; sporadic flirtations in Season 3 culminate in a last-minute sexual encounter in the final episode.

Links: Arguments for a romance between Shalimar and Brennan: Slidershal's The B/S Thing and Slidershal's The B/S Fiasco. Arguments against: Shalgal's The B/S Unthing.

Shalimar/Brennan Links: Donna Lynn's Dark Angels, Love Conquers, Brennan and Shalimar, Instincts: Brennan/Shalimar, ShadowShock: Brennan/Shalimar Webring, Shadows Fused, Brennan & Shalimar, Brennan-Shalimar-Love, Feral Electric, Feral Shock, Mutant ~X~ Forever.

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