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02 January 2016 @ 12:46 am
Burstyn, Keith  

Keith Burstyn -- Played by Shaun Smyth

Keith Burstyn.

First Appearance: "A Normal Life."

Quote: "Your life can be anything you want. With anybody you want it to be with. Shalimar, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you own yourself the chance to find out what makes you happy and you go out and grab it. You just think about that."

Details: Keith Burstyn was the one-time Dominion scientist working on suspended animation in order to preserve his dying wife until a cure could be found for her illness. Disillusioned when his wife passed away, Keith hid from The Dominion until Dominion Council member Anthony Gervais used his research to artificially suspend five of his fellow council members and hold them for ransom. Adam Kane sent Shalimar Fox to prove Keith’s innocence and help him develop a reanimation process to save the hostages. Keith and Shalimar discovered a shared romantic interest as they worked, and as soon as she had released the hostages, Shalimar raced to protect Keith from The Dominion’s assassins. Adam beat her to the punch, however, fooling The Dominion by blowing up Keith’s apartment building and escorting Keith into the mutant underground. Shalimar reluctantly turned down Keith’s offer to begin a new life with him there.free hit counter