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Campbell, Nurse Donna

Nurse Donna Campbell -- Played by Brandi Ward

Nurse Donna Campbell.

First Appearance: "Shadows of Darkness."

Quote: "Aren't you a brave boy. Haven't you heard? Strange things have been happening around this place."

Details: Nurse Donna Campbell worked in the children's psychiatric ward at St. Pastor's Hospital, injecting phobic children with cortisol to increase their fear reactions as part of the research experiment Project IET. One of the research subjects, psionic illusionist Johnny Cummings, opened the oxygen tank valves in the supply room one day so that when she went in for her usual smoke, the room exploded. The resulting fire destroyed the psych ward, killing Nurse Campbell and six other children. 15 years later, when the hospital was being reopened, Johnny used Nurse Campbell's image as one of the illusions with which he "haunted" the hospital.

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