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Carl -- Played by John Ralston


First Appearance: "The Hand of God."

Quote: Kristoff: "Burke was telling the truth. You murdered him!"
Carl: "No. You murdered him. Just because you've got this damn trick you can do does not give you the right to decide who lives and who dies. No matter what you might think, you are not a god."

Details: Carl had once been healed by the new mutant Kristoff. Another one of Kristoff's follower, Burke, stumbled onto Carl and Wayne as they plotted to betray the location of their secret hideout to the bounty hunter Terra. To protect himself, Carl convinced Kristoff that Burke was a traitor who should be murdered. Mutant X was able to prevent Terra from taking Kristoff, but Brennan Mulwray was shot in the process. Kristoff absorbed his deadly injury, finally transferring it to Carl as he reached down to drag Kristoff's body away.

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