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Carter -- Played by Noah Danby.

Mutant Type: Psionic.

First Appearance: "Wages of Sin."

Quote: "It's frustrating not being able to move, isn't it?"

Details: Carter was a psionic ex-GS agent in the employ of Kristen Greg at the Westland Casinos. When Shalimar Fox and Lexa Pierce broke into Kristen's office to find out about the auction she was holding, Carter ambushed them, freezing Lexa in place. Shalimar managed to take him out and hide before Kristen came in to investigate the source the commotion. Lexa called a Dominion cleanup team to remove Carter's body, and The Dominion sent Carter's genetic information to Sanctuary, where Jesse Kilmartin learned that Carter's mutant DNA fragility had been fixed by the geneticist Dominique.

Trivia: The actor who played Carter, Noah Danby, was also The Beast/Michael Ward in "Whose Woods These Are."

Noah Danby

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