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Carter, Charles

Charles Carter -- Played by Tom Barnett

Charles Carter.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic).

First Appearance: "Brother's Keeper."

Quote: "I need your brother's heart. It's almost poetic. The one donor that's a guaranteed match is your twin brother. So after the operation, I'll always have a piece of you right here."

Details: Charles Carter was the chief of Genomex security while Lexa Pierce worked for the GSA. During their short-lived affair, Charles lied to Lexa about the torture her twin brother Leo was undergoing at Genomex. When they crossed paths again five years later, Charles had suffered one heart transplant rejection after a gunshot wound had damaged his. To obtain Leo's more compatible heart, Charles facilitated murderer William Bain’s release from prison and hired him to catch Leo. He funded this operation by selling the organs of other new mutants. Lexa stopped her brother’s violent alter Troy from murdering Charles, but he didn’t get far before Jesse Kilmartin and Shalimar Fox confiscated his organ rejection medication, leaving him to die.

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