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Carter, Dylan

Dylan Carter -- Played by Sava Drayton

Dylan Carter.

First Appearance: "Understudy."

Quote: Dylan: "Let me go."
Nikki: "That’s where it gets a little complicated."
Dylan: "What do you mean?"
Nikki: "You shouldn’t have done what you did to my friend."
Dylan: "I didn’t do anything. You did it. You aimed the gun, you pulled the trigger."
Nikki: "And that’s where it goes from complicated to tragic."
Dylan: "What?"
Nikki: "See, if you hadn’t seen that, then I might have been able to let you live."

Details: Though he was only 6 weeks out on parole, Dylan Carter agreed to help fellow thief Lucinda Alvarez steal a particle decelerator from Walderson Industries for German arms dealer Jergen Bardo. Shalimar Fox and Brennan Mulwray had just intercepted Dylan’s motorcycle gang on their way out of Walderson when feral Nikki Rogers appeared out of the blue. Nikki grabbed Dylan’s gun and shot Shalimar in the leg. Mutant X was able track him down through a picture search of the NCIC database because of the distinctive blue tear tattoo on his left cheek, signifying that he had murdered someone while in prison. Once she had infiltrated Mutant X by pretending to be Shalimar's friend, Nikki went to Dylan's apartment and tossed him through a window to keep him quiet about what she had done.

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