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Carter, Nicole

Nicole Carter -- Played by Chick Reid

Nicole Carter.

First Appearance: "Blood Ties."

Quote: Nicole: "I'm not alone out on this limb, Eckhart. Genomex shares responsibility for what happened there."
Mason: "That's fascinating. We have entirely different memories of that tragedy. As far as the public is concerned, Genomex saved Nexxogen from bankruptcy, which I've always regarded as an act of unbelievable generosity, since your company is technically our competition."
Nicole: "Is that how we're going to play this game? Then let me be more clear. A computer disk with information implicating your company in that incident has been stolen. If this incident comes to light, the world will learn that Martez was no industrial accident."
Mason: "In other words..."
Nicole: "If I go down, you go down."
Mason: "I'll put my agents at your disposal."
Nicole: "I thought that might change your tune."
Mason: "We need to get that disk back immediately."
Nicole: "Ya think?"

Details: Nexxogen's head Nicole Carter conducted deadly experiments on new mutants at the behest of rival company Genomex, in exchange for money to remain solvent. When her head of security, Noah Kilmartin, blackmailed her with a disk full of information implicating both companies in the Martez Incident, Nicole demanded that Mason Eckhart help her retrieve the disk. Noah used his son Jesse as a shield against their attempts, but luckily for both Nicole and Mason, Jesse destroyed the disk before Noah could make good on his threats. Mason obtained a federal mandate to overtake Nexxogen in order to avoid similar incidents in the future...and withdrew Nicole’s job security.

Trivia: The actress who played Nicole Carter, Chick Reid, is Tom McCamus's wife in real life.

Chick Reid

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