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Child, The

The Child -- Played by Mitchell Lazar

The Child.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical), Feral (Canine), Molecular (Intangible), Psionic (Telepath).

First Appearance: "The Prophecy."

Quote: John Bishop: "Oh, you mean The Child."
Shalimar: "What child?"
John: "Son of four bloods, come to raise The Links above all others. Ashlocke died before he could fulfill his promise. With this Child, The Links will shape a new world."

Details: After Gabriel Ashlocke’s death, The Child was created using DNA from four new mutants: elemental Brennan Mulwray, psionic Riley Morgan, feral Kara Whitely, and molecular Nathan Reynolds. According to the precog John Bishop’s prophecy, The Child would serve as Ashlocke’s second coming and restore his remaining followers, The Links, to power: 'A child will be born / But for our hold to last / All four signs must come to pass / The moon will fall / Two bloods will be dashed / The child will choose / And the mountain will crash'. The Links raised The Child in an underground lair, protected by the scorpion feral The Guardian. Riley Morgan, realizing the potential dangers of a second Ashlocke, worked with Mutant X in an attempt to derail the prophecy. Once Riley reached The Child, however, he connected telepathically with her, convincing her that he was not evil. She decided instead to escape with him and raise him herself.

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