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Christian -- Played by Daniel Kash


First Appearance: "One Step Closer."

Quote: "Take one more step. Go on, take one step closer and the senator’s daughter loses everything from the neck up."

Details: Christian and private investigator Simon Fletcher conspired to abduct Senator Morrison's daughter, Megan, for ransom money as they had with a governor's son a few years before. Shalimar Fox and Brennan Mulwray were guarding Megan when Christian's men came for her, but Brennan's electricity suddenly escalated out of control, electrocuting Shalimar and allowing them to escape. After Christian misdirected Mutant X by rerouting his calls to the senator, Brennan followed up on Emma deLauro's hunch that Simon was behind the scheme. He forced Simon to divulge Christian's true location, and once Emma had helped improve Brennan's mental control, the team was able to rescue Megan.

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Tags: mutant x bible, mutant x characters

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