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Christina "Beverly Parrish"

Christina -- Played by Rachel Hayward.
Beverly Parrish (voice) -- Played by Jayne Heitmeyer

Christina (a.k.a. Beverly Parrish)

First Appearance: "Power Play." (as Beverly Parrish)

Also Seen In: "Body and Soul" (as Beverly Parrish) and "Within These Walls" (as Christina).

Quote: "You are still so pompous. It’s like you have a special relationship with the truth. It’s like you see it so clearly, but no one else has a clue. Well, I wouldn’t want to be on your team, Adam. ‘Cause with you, it’s not about teamwork. It’s about ego. And for all your idealism, it’s still a one-man show."

Details: Adam Kane's ex-lover Christina (alias his government contact "Beverly Parrish") fell in love with Adam while he was working at Genomex. Their romance was cut short when Christina’s superiors ordered her to use his Genomex connections to begin generating new mutant assassins like thermal elemental Nick Maddox. In return, Christina introduced Adam to the powerful people who financed his escape from Genomex and construction of Sanctuary. Adam continued to keep in touch with Christina in her guise as his pixilated government contact, “Beverly Parrish.” Seeking revenge after Christina imprisoned him for performing unauthorized operations, Nick chased Christina and Adam into a safe room at her headquarters. The former lovers briefly rekindled their past as they awaited death by Nick or rescue by Mutant X. Luckily, the latter prevailed.

From Mutant X Lives: FROM BEVERLY: “CHRISTINA”: Miss me? Aw… I have been informed that all the channels I use to contact you are completely exclusive and untappable. Therefore, it seems ridiculous for you to address me as “Beverly” or “Ms. Parrish” when we both know you’re always thinking “Christina”. So, why don’t you just call me that again? You realize, of course, that I’m among a handful of Bureau agents who need multiple identities for my own protection. “Beverly Parrish” came into play when it was decided I would serve as a public liaison. If my real name and statistics had been used, I’d have been fried by my enemies the second I gave a press conference. As it is, my image is usually scrambled or I wear a disguise (“Bev” is a bit of a frump in the wardrobe department. She never wears some of the hot numbers you’ve seen me in. Remember?) It’s all pretty standard stuff in my line of work. Adam, I know you still resent me for everything that happened when we were both at Genomex, years ago. There was so much my job forced me to keep from you. But whatever you choose to believe, “Christina” was true in heart, if not actions. Let’s bend a few rules and let that name be my identity again. Just between us. Besides, I hate “Beverly” (I didn’t pick it).

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