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First Appearance: "The Meaning of Death."

Details: A variant of this simple common airborne spore infected a small number of new mutants possessing a rare DNA strand anomaly, causing them to lose control of their abilities. Once symptomatic, these mutants became highly contagious, spreading the disease from new mutant to new mutant. Many new mutants died before Adam Kane could develop a cure from Charles Marlowe's blood, including Rick Bellamy and Alice Robins.

Technobabble: Adam: "Once I can identify and isolate the proper strand, then I can execute a massive replication."
Emma: "Yeah, but how are you going to get the antidote to the rest of the new mutants in time?"
Adam: "Theoretically, if I can transform the binary components of your genetic code into a microwave form, I can uplink it to the GSA communications satellite and then disperse it across the continent in a biotransmission."
Emma: "Kinda like a blanket innoculation."
Adam: "That's the idea."

Trivia: Read about the real life spore Cladosporium here.

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