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Mutant X Interviews: Paul Storrie (1/02 Comics Continuum)

Pic from Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum 1/31/02

Paul Storrie told The Continuum that his story in the Mutant X: Dangeous Discoveries one-shot will feature Shalimar Fox. Storrie's story is called "Dangerous Games." "It's set just after her high school graduation -- which, according to the character's age on the show, should be about 7 years ago -- and depicts the events that led her to the role of protector and hero," Storrie told The Continuum.

Storrie is working with artist Stefano Caselli. "I have to say that I am very excited about the work I've seen from him so far," Storrie said. "Stellar stuff."

Storrie continues to work on the five-issue Gotham Girls mini-series for DC Comics. "It's kind of strange -- I seem to be drifting towards the TV properties at both Marvel and DC," Storrie said. "First Batman Beyond and Justice League Adventures and now Mutant X."

Mutant X: Dangerous Decisions will be 48 pages and will arrive in stores on April 17. Look for more Mutant X news on Friday here in The Continuum.

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