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Calloruso, Vic

Vic Collaruso -- Played by Robert Smith

Vic Collaruso.

First Appearance: "Once Around."

Quote: "Look, I never signed up for this hero thing, okay? It’s not who I am."

Details: Vic was laundering money through dummy corporations for the infamous crime boss Sam Raymond when his girlfriend Claudia Manfred convinced him to go straight. Raymond took a hit out on Vic in retaliation, so he agreed to testify against his former boss in exchange for witness protection by the FBI in tandem with Mutant X. Raymond’s psionic gifts allowed him to trace Vic and kidnap Claudia for insurance. Adam disguised Jesse Kilmartin as Vic in order to fool Raymond, giving Mutant X the chance to rescue Claudia while Vic was testifying in court. After the trial, Adam Kane sent the reunited couple to the city of their choice.

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