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Colt, Grady

Grady Colt -- Played by Jeff Wincott

Grady Colt.

First Appearance: "Whose Woods These Are."

Quote: Grady: "Why don’t you take a hint? Why don’t you mind your own business and stay out of mine!"
Brennan: "Well, maybe my business is getting all over your business."

Details: Pretending to be a cryptozoologist, Grady Colt joined the manhunt for ursine feral Michael Ward after he had mauled four people in six weeks. Grady plotted to get rid of Michael to keep the lid on Project 318, the space program’s secret experiment to transform Genomex ferals like Michael into ideal astronauts. Angered that Grady had surreptitiously photographed Shalimar Fox and Brennan Mulwray using their abilities to fight Michael, Brennan blew Grady’s cover and destroyed his camera. Grady tried to shoot Michael with his heat gun the next time he attacked them, but Michael overpowered him and killed him.

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