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Computers, Jesse's. Jesse Kilmartin's computer controls the dojo's systems, can access the new mutant database, and possesses a hacker's dream toolbase, including the ability to create a firewall around the stock market ("Kilohertz"). It also has a cool reclining chair which spins around.

Computers, Safehouses. The computers in the safehouses possessed encrypted new mutant databases equipped with a self-destruct failsafe mechanism in case the GSA found their way in.

Computers, Sanctuary's main. In the first season, the voice-activated main computer in Sanctuary has several neat features, including a linkup to the Double Helix's systems, the new mutant database, 3-D image projection, a connection to Proxy Blue, police database search capabilities, a voice stress analyzer, a virtual poker game, and Adam's decryption program for GSA communiques. Not to mention a convenient ledge to sit on.

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