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Conlan, Matty

Matty Conlan -- Played by Joanne Vannicola

Matty Conlan.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Magnetic).

First Appearance: "Double Vision."

Quote: Brennan: "Don't you think this combination would be kind of...combustible?"
Matty: "Your loss. Where can I go to get a cab around here?"

Details: Matty was one of Brennan Mulwray's former crime associates. When she was caught by the police, Mason Eckhart offered her a choice between prison and working for the GSA. Dr. Ken Harrison surgically enhanced her fledgling telekinetic powers with new magnetic elemental abilities, and then sent her out as bait to catch Brennan and Emma deLauro. When that mission failed, the dark side of Emma's split personality persuaded Matty to blast the stasis field core, causing everyone in Genomex to fall into a coma. Mutant X was able to reverse the effect, and Matty helped them reintegrate Emma's two halves.

Joanne Vannicola

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