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Conspiracy Theory

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Conspiracy Theory: Episode #312

Tag: While Brennan and Shalimar investigate a mysterious plane crash, Lexa contemplates her future with the Mutant X team. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Peter Mohan; Directed by Bill Corcoran
George Buza....Lexa's Dominion Contact
Matt Cooke....Nick Benedict
Philip Craig....Senator Daniel Richards
Jack Duffy....Silver
Darryl Flatman....Security guard
Brad Garrick....Man in Black
John Goodrich....The Killer
Graham Harley....Dr. Robert Harrow
Jason Schombing....Eddie Boyle

Official Synopsis: At the site of a plane crash, Eddie Boyle (Jason Schombing) secretly snaps photos of two men carrying dead bodies dressed in silver suits out of the wreckage, while armed men in black suits stand guard. Following a tip on the plane crash from Lexa (Karen Cliche), Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) suddenly hear gunshots. As they run towards the sound, they see the black-clad guards firing automatic weapons at Eddie, who is now hiding behind some rocks. Brennan and Shalimar unleash their mutant powers on the men, scaring them off. But just as they are about to rescue Eddie, the men in black fire a grenade at the wreckage-site destroying all evidence and then flee in SUV's. Eddie, an admitted conspiracy theorist, then suggests to Shalimar and Brennan that they have just witnessed the work of aliens. Later at a remote military base, the men in black suits tell their boss, Benedict (Matt Cooke), that there were three witnesses on-site. Infuriated, he immediately orders them to find the leak. Meanwhile, Eddie, an ex-reporter for the Daily Times, takes Brennan and Shalimar to his headquarters in an old tailor store. There, he shows them a fuzzy photo of a man with lightening coming from his hands and reveals that his alien theories stem from this image. Seeing himself in the photo, Brennan feels guilty playing a major role in Eddie's theories, especially since they have cost Eddie his job and family. At Sanctuary, the Dominion contacts Lexa and reminds her that Mutant X only has twenty-four hours to complete their mission. Lexa then confesses to the Dominion that she is re-assessing her future with Mutant X. Meanwhile, Eddie, Brennan and Shalimar go to see Leon, Eddie's informant who runs a suppressed information website from his trailer. To their surprise, however, they find him dead. A helicopter suddenly appears overhead and fires gunshots demolishing Eddie's car and all of Leon's computer equipment except for a back-up system hidden in a floor safe. Back at the tailor store, Brennan distracts Eddie while Shalimar works with Jesse (Forbes March) via her comlink to access Leon's back-up system on Eddie's computer. Once Jesse's tapped in, Brennan, Shalimar and Eddie go to an old age home to see Silver (Jack Duffy), one of Leon's contacts, who gives them a lead on a place called Area 12 which is supposedly crawling with aliens. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse tries unsuccessfully to figure out what is bothering Lexa. He then focuses back on the mission and discovers Leon was communicating with a high rank government official. With only 12 hours left, Jesse sends Brennan, Shalimar and Eddie to a military base to investigate. There, they recognize the guards from the plane crash site and spot a strange ice cream truck. Shalimar and Eddie create a blockade to stop the approaching truck, and when Brennan sneaks into the back of the vehicle, he finds two bodies in silver suits and a third empty suit. He takes one of the bodies and comlinks Jesse to meet them at a clinic. Examining the body, Jesse discovers that its genetic structure has been modified to manufacture deadly diseases while remaining immune to its own bacteria, creating the ultimate killing machine. Brennan realizes that the third suit indicates that there is another killer out there. Suspicious of Brennan and Shalimar's involvement, Eddie asks who they are and Brennan flashes him an FBI badge. Meanwhile, the men in black capture Dr. Harrow (Graham Harley), an employee of Benedict's, who leaked information to Leon about Benedict's evil intentions. Benedict then orders their killer to assassinate Harrow. Later that night, Lexa meets her Dominion associate in a dark alley and learns the bodies are connected to "Contact," a secret military project that Dr. Harrow was running before he was murdered. Back at the tailor's, Shalimar gets an update from Lexa and the information leads Eddie to believe that Senator Daniel Richards (Philip Craig) may be in danger. Eddie's research shows that Richards shut down Project Contact a year ago and established a commission to police the abuse of genetic military research. In a government building, Benedict, posing as security, goes to see Richards. When the Mutant X team learns that Richards will deliver the report of the commission at eight o'clock that night, they head towards the federal building. Lexa stays behind, however, conflicted. At the federal building, Brennan, Shalimar and Eddie rush into Richards' office to warn him, but an outburst from Eddie referencing aliens makes him skeptical. Brennan then asks Eddie not to interfere with their mission from this point on. As Eddie leaves, he sees Benedict in the hall and recognizes him as being connected to Project Contact. Hiding in the shadows, Eddie watches as Benedict and the killer, posing as security guards, head towards the conference room. The Mutant X team, with the exception of Lexa, is taking their positions for the press conference when Eddie bursts in to warn Brennan about Benedict. When Brennan ignores him, Eddie takes matters into his own hands and races to save Richards. Believing Eddie might be on to something, Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse race after him. Without hesitation, Eddie dives between Richards and the killer sacrificing his own life. Brennan arrives and takes out the killer with series of telsa coils. Brennan then takes a dying Eddie into his arms and reveals to him his mutant powers, confirming Eddie's theories. Suddenly, the killer revives and lunges for Brennan. In nick of time, however, Lexa, who has had a change of heart towards Mutant X, appears and takes out the killer with her powers, saving Brennan. In the aftermath, Eddie is touted by the media as a hero.

Shalimar: Well, Lexa said whatever's on that plane's a major threat.
Brennan: Great. How come we never get the easy ones?

Eddie Boyle: Let me tell you, you're priviledged, baby. You just saw the real thing.
Brennan: What real thing?
Eddie: Aliens! Real live sign-in-the-woods-crop-circling-saucer-jockeying-cattle-mutilating aliens.

Eddie Boyle: The aliens! The government's been working with them for years.
Shalimar: The government?
Eddie: Yeah. In collusion with organized crime, the church, and the cast of Friends. But that's a long story.

Brennan: I had this dream the other night. There were all these lights in the sky and there were these--anyway, I walked all the way from town to be here right at this moment, and I don't know what that means.
Eddie Boyle: Classic abduction profile. Drawn to the next visitation. I'm warning you. Once you've seen behind the veil, there's no going back.
Shalimar: I think we're ready to take that chance.
Brennan: Yeah.
Eddie: Welcome to the conspiracy.

Brennan: Yeah, the guy seems a little nuts, but listen. Obviously, he knows something about what's going on here. We need to figure out what that is.
Shalimar: Honey, he doesn’t know the difference between Martians and meatloaf!

Jesse: Look, Lexa, I know it's hard. I mean, losing your brother--
Lexa: Jess, don't.
Jesse: Don't what? Lexa, I care.

Eddie Boyle: I know it's not fashionable to see the world as it is. You try to help people by simply pointing out that the country's controlled by aliens, and the next thing you know, they got you in a straightjacket pumped full of Thorazine.
Brennan: Does that happen often?
Eddie: Often enough! Let me tell you something. These alien freaks actually live among us. Yeah. They can make themselves look like us, sound like us, the whole nine yards. But there are differences. As far as I can tell, they live entirely on a diet of cow's blood and battery acid, and further evidence suggests that they are here to destroy humanity and to mate with as many earth women as they can possibly get their mandibles on.
Shalimar: Really?
Eddie: Yes, sweetie, and if I were you, I'd keep my eyes open. A babe like you is definitely anal-probe bait.
Shalimar: Okay! I think we're done here.
Eddie: Wait, listen to me. Four years ago, I was a respected journalist over at The Daily Times and I was out in the field covering an explosion at a gene research company. I took this: a guy fighting with company security. I could kick myself I wasn't closer when I took it, but there's lightning coming out of his hands!
Brennan: Lightning?
Eddie: Yeah. It's a common ET phenomenon. Yep, that photo should have won me a Pulitzer. Instead, it ruined me. Cost me my career and my...cost me my family.
Brennan: Look, there's something I should probably tell you, Eddie--
Shalimar: 'Scuse us.

The Voice: You have to stop it.
Lexa: Or not.
The Voice: What are you saying?
Lexa: I'm reassessing my future with Mutant X.
The Voice: Now is not the time to enter into a negotiation, Miss Pierce.
Lexa: I came here for one reason, to find my brother. And now that he's dead, that arrangement is over.

Eddie Boyle: The gray alien's connected to The Illuminati, who are connected to the Masons, who are connected to the royal family and they're all connected to this guy. Adam Kane.
Shalimar: Adam?
Eddie: You've heard of him?
Shalimar: No...I mean, you don't think one man's behind all this, do you?
Eddie: Kane is currently off the radar, but the word is that he's still out there working in the shadows. See, he used to be connected to an outfit called Genomex, who was hooked into the GSA and of course, they're all working for...
Brennan and Shalimar: Aliens?
Eddie: Yes!

Eddie Boyle: Remember, paranoia is your friend.

Shalimar: We have less than 12 hours to avert some kind of major disaster, and we're visiting UFO bases on the advise of some old fart in bedroom slippers.
Brennan: What's your point?

Jesse: Running away is not going to make things any better.
Lexa: No? I wouldn't have to put up with people getting involved in my affairs.
Jesse: Lexa, working as a mercenary before didn't make you happy, did it? It's not gonna be any better now if you go back to it. But I know there have been times here when you've been one of us. And that has made you happy.
Lexa: This is not what I want, Jess. I don't belong here, okay?
Jesse: So where do you belong?

Lexa: We're different, Jess. You know, when I was a kid, the only thing I ever thought about was taking care of my brother. Everything I did for Eckhart, Adam, the Dominion, was all about saving Leo. And I screwed it up.
Jesse: No.
Lexa: I didn't save anything.
Jesse: You did what you could do.
Lexa: Yeah, and I failed. You don't need me! I mean, the last person who counted on me ended up dead.
Jesse: Is that what this is about? Are you worried about us?
Lexa: No, I don't know how I feel. I just know I need to get away and figure things out.
Jesse: Look. When I first came here I was messed up too. The last thing I thought I wanted was to join a bunch of freaks in a cave. But Lexa, once I was in, I found something that I could never find on the outside. For the first time in my life I fit in. You're a part of that now.

Eddie Boyle: Brennan, I've been searching for the truth for so long. Guess I'm gonna go without knowing.
Brennan: No, Eddie. Look at me. There are aliens. We've been here all along. We're your friends.

Jesse: It was a good thing you showed up back there.
Lexa: Yeah, well you know how I hate to miss a party.
Jesse: So you gonna be staying around?
Lexa: I don't know. Just don't rent out my room yet, okay?

Trivia & Nitpicks: This episode was obviously written as a tribute to "The X-Files," right down to the "The Truth Is Out There" bumper sticker on Leon's car. Had Mulder and Scully shown up at the old folks home, I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised.

As sad as Leo's death was, it's telling that his loss receives more referrences in its aftermath than Emma's seems to warrant. After "Into the Moonless Night," Emma's death is mentioned indirectly by Jesse in "The Taking of Crows" and directly in a sentence by Adam in "A Normal Life." In contrast, Leo's death is discussed at length in "Conspiracy Theory," mentioned by Adam in "She's Come Undone," and given as Lexa's reason for risking her life for her teammates in "The Assault." That isn't much of a tribute to one who spent two years as an integral part of Mutant X.

In classic television fashion, all three men in black shooting directly at Brennan as he runs down the hill completely miss him.

Wouldn't Eddie plainly see Brennan shock the two men in black as Eddie runs toward him?

For a paranoid nut, Eddie certainly trusts Shalimar and Brennan easily. He even lets them take his alien to Jesse without too much resistance, though for all he knows, they could be part of the overall conspiracy. Shalimar certainly didn't do a good job of hiding the fact that she knew the name Adam Kane.

Why is Shalimar suddenly so skeptical of the existence of aliens? Doesn't she remember having a pint of spinal fluid sucked out by a group of them in "Sign from Above"?

Given what will be revealed of the widespread influence of The Dominion and The Creator in "The Assault," it's fun to wonder how much of the conspiracy Eddie actually got right. He was correct about all roads leading back to Adam Kane, and his connections with Genomex. The cast of Friends? Hm...

Eddie explains that he took the picture of Brennan while he was fighting company security at a gene research company four years prior. Since that's before S1, makes you wonder what Brennan was doing there.

Apparently, Jesse and Dr. Marcus have become friendly enough after "Taking of Crows" that Jesse's allowed to use the lab to examine potentially dangerous bodies there in Dr. Marcus's absence.

Shalimar and Eddie distract the man in black while Brennan grabs the body out of the ice-cream truck. That plan would almost work, except that the driver is still sitting in the truck as Brennan's stomping around in the back.

The information that Eddie reads to Brennan and Shalimar about Project Contact isn't on the screen of information he's reading from.

Since Shalimar and Brennan didn't have time to go back to Sanctuary before visiting the senator, the nice clothes they're suddenly wearing must have come from a closet in Dr. Marcus's lab or a quick pit stop at The Gap.

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