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Cooke, Charlotte

Charlotte Cooke -- Played by Emily Hampshire

Charlotte Cooke.

Mutant Type: Unclassified (Moral Change).

First Appearance: "Altered Ego."

Quote: Charlotte: "I want another chance. Put me into the underground, I wanna go into the underground."
Adam: "All right. How did you escape Genomex?"
Charlotte: "The way I always do. I used my powers. I don't wanna do that anymore! I'm asking for help. All my life, everybody just--they won't even touch me; they're afraid of me! And you are too."

Details: Charlotte was the daughter of Anthony Cooke, Adam Kane's colleague in Stanford's biochemistry department. Charlotte's strand 17 nucleotide sequence allowed her to secrete a silver substance which would change a person's moral polarity. On new mutants, the alteration lasted a couple of minutes; on others, it was permanent. When Adam uncovered Anthony's plans to sell and distribute biological weapons, he turned him in to the police. Anthony committed suicide, for which Charlotte was cruelly taunted by her classmates. 13 years later, Charlotte contacted Adam with the intention of destroying Mutant X. Adam refused to allow her to join Mutant X, so Charlotte turned Shalimar Fox and Jesse Kilmartin against one another before turning to the GSA. She then used her powers against Adam. Once she had changed him, however, she learned that Mason Eckhart was the one responsible for buying her father's research. Rather than watch Adam defeat his own team, Charlotte touched Adam once again, restoring his moral goodness.

From Adam's Mutant X Lives diary: CHARLOTTE COOKE - I let my guilt about turning in her father almost destroy Mutant X. There is an image in my head of Charlotte as a young girl, broken and betrayed, that I can never be free of. It blinded me to the dangerous woman she had become. Her powers (technically Molecular because they are physically transmitted) attack a person’s nerve system so acutely they twist out negativity like an over dose of cocaine. She may have been the must destructive force I’ve ever faced. I must always remember: seek the child within to understand, but never let it keep you from seeing the adult they have become.

From Dr. Ken Harrison's report on I would like to adjust your thinking on the genetic coding of new mutant, Charlotte Cooke (security file #EOG998CC). Although this subject is no longer available to Genomex, I find the case a fascinating study. It aligns with my recent exploration on variation within the mutant species and merits further attention from our science departments. Upon initial analysis, many of you labeled the female Cooke as a Molecular. She excreted a toxin from her pores that seemingly altered the moral compass of her opponents, causing them to rage, despair or degrade themselves beyond their normal limits. In a sense, the contaminant acted like a cocaine derivative, twisting the victims' nervous systems until it extracted unnatural behavior. In retrospect, I suppose the Molecular classification was a likely one. The subject did seem to bend physical laws, a characterization that defines the group. There are blaring aspects of the female Cooke that do not line up with a Molecular profile, however. Calling her such was an unreasonably rash diagnosis, the kind of which will not be tolerated in the future. Any additional examples of such shoddy work will be reported promptly to Mr. Eckhart for disciplinary action. For now, no specific names will be put forth. You know who you are and are expected to increase the quality of your work. Genomex psychologist Dr. Varady worked up a composite of Cooke as a potential Psionic (subcategory: Empath). While I have only the highest regards for our esteemed colleague, I cannot agree with her conclusions. Cooke's powers are transmitted physically, not mentally, although they do affect thought processes of the brain. Thus, a Psionic label is also incorrect. Having been forced to take matters into my own hands, I have come to the only obvious conclusion as to Cooke's classification: Feral. Many reptile and insect females secrete venom that can paralyze or confound their victims. Such is the case with new mutant: Cooke. Examination of her DNA samples as well as her family history support my findings. I find it particularly discouraging that your departments missed the same deductions. Mere weeks ago I sent out a mandatory memo in regards to Insect Ferals. Apparently the entire personnel overlooked it. I need not point out that correct identification of Cooke's abilities might have facilitated Genomex's detaining her. Instead, she is now a GSA priority capture. You may all consider yourselves on a probationary status of employment until this error is redeemed. Incidentally, I have been informed that several research heads felt I would be interested in Cooke's associate, the plant Elemental "Skeet" Vosburg. Despite my background in botanicals, let me assure you the existence of an unbathed, under-educated low-class new mutant whose sole talent is to defoliate does not inspire me. The vile being is to be reduced to full stasis level if there is available pod space or disposed of in the usual method. I trust such insulting assumptions about my taste will not be made again.
Thank-you, K. Harrison

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