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Creator, The

The Creator -- Played by John Shea

The Creator.

First Appearance: "The Assault."

Quote: "The human race is an imperfect thing, Adam. Weak creatures evolving randomly in an uncontrolled way without any order at all. But I knew we could do better. But I was running out of time, you see. That's why I cloned myself. I've spent 160 years working on this project alone, but I needed help."

Details: A geneticist obsessed with controlling the path of human genetic evolution, The Creator began his research into DNA manipulation in the mid-1800's before founding The Dominion in order to further his work. He was able to keep himself alive by means of anti-aging injections, but as this began to fail, he created a clone of himself, Adam Kane, to carry on his legacy. Adam was raised by Michael and Kara, loyal employees of The Creator whom he believed to be his parents. The Creator followed Adam through his life, arranging job opportunities and associates to initiate him into The Creator's world of genetics. Before The Creator could inform Adam of his plans for his future, however, Adam disappeared. The Creator initiated a search for him, eventually using Lexa Pierce and Mutant X as a lure to bring Adam to The Dominion so that he could "fulfil his destiny." As The Dominion headquarters exploded around them, Mutant X watched helplessly from behind an energy shield as The Creator's security team dragged Adam away with them.

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