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Cross, Neil

Neil Cross -- Played by Gordon Currie

Neil Cross.

First Appearance: "Lit Fuse."

Quote: "You're wearing rubber soles, right?"

Details: Mason Eckhart pulled strings to get the convicted murderer Neil Cross an early release from prison to work as a GSA bounty hunter. In order to capture the mutating electrical absorber Ashley Elliot, Neil promised to pay her fiancé Eric Tanner 50 thousand dollars to bring her to him. Mutant X rescued Ashley in the nick of time, however, so Neil pretended to kidnap Eric, holding him as bait to ensure Ashley’s return. When Eric begen to complain about the size of his reward, Neil shot Eric so that he could keep his share of the bounty. Ashley returned too late to save Eric’s life, but as soon as Neil encouraged Ashley to draw energy from a nearby electrical tower, he was struck down by a stray electrical bolt.

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