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Cummings, Johnny

Young Johnny Cummings -- Played by Andrew Chalmers
Older Johnny Cummings -- Played by Diego Klattenhoff

Johnny Cummings.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Illusionist).

First Appearance: "Shadows of Darkness."

Quote: "I never meant to hurt the other children. I just wanted it to stop."

Details: Johnny's mother, Wanda Morgan, was being treated for infertility during the time of Genomex's stem cell research program. Johnny was born in the summer of 1980 with the ability to cast illusions. A ward of the state by the age of eight, Johnny was taken to St. Pastor's hospital psychiatric ward to take part in Project I.E.T., an experimental treatment program for his entymophobia. There, he and 7 other children were given daily cortisol shots to increase their fear response when exposed to their phobias. To end this nightmarish experience, Johnny turned on the supply room's gas valves so that the room exploded when Nurse Donna Campbell entered to smoke. Six children died and Johnny was badly burned, but he managed to save his friend Sandy Fetko. Believed to be dead, Johnny spent the next 15 years "haunting" the hospital prevent its reopening. When Mutant X began investigating after he caused an orderly's suicide, Johnny overheard Lexa Pierce saying that hospital administrator Dr. Denise Willett was responsible for Project I.E.T. He wanted revenge, but Sandy convinced him not to murder her. Mutant X escorted him to the police station, but he used his abilities to return to the hospital's basement, where he committed suicide.

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