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Dancing on the Razor

Mutant X Episode Synopses

Dancing on the Razor: Episode #122.

Tag: A local journalist threatens to expose the existence of mutants to the world. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Mark Amato; Directed by Jorge Montesi
James Gallanders....Jay Minhaus
Roman Podhura....Harvey Lanchester

Official Synopsis: At an abandoned warehouse, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) are waiting to meet with a mutant who had contacted them with an anonymous email, when four armed GSA agents suddenly burst in. The two fight off the agents before fleeing the warehouse. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan and Jesse learn that the mutant who emailed them doesn’t really exist - the confrontation with the GSA was a set-up. What they don’t know, however, is that their run-in with the GSA was secretly videotaped. Later that day, Adam (John Shea), Brennan and Jesse watch in disbelief as Proxy Blue reveals reports from an inside source of an altercation at a warehouse involving a covert government agency and a band of renegades. Proxy Blue promises to broadcast video evidence of the face-off as soon as the disc is delivered to her studio. Brennan and Jesse realize that cameras must have been planted in the warehouse to record the set-up. If they don’t act quickly, Proxy Blue will reveal the existence of Mutant X to the world. Meanwhile at Genomex, Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) and his second-in-command, Harvey Lanchester (Roman Podhora), watch Proxy Blue’s report. Eckhart knows that if the reality of Mutant X is exposed to the world, Genomex will be shut down and Eckhart will be deemed a traitor. In an attempt to find Proxy Blue’s source, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) tap into her hotline number, finding a record of an unusual call from Macklin Exporters, an international shipping facility. When Shalimar and Brennan arrive at Macklin Exporters, they find Lanchester using his mutant powers on a terrified office employee, and a group of GSA agents standing over four dead employees. Moments later, facility employee Jay Minhaus (James Gallanders) enters. He is immediately overtaken by a number of agents, and interrogated for his involvement in the altercation at the warehouse. Pleading for his life, Jay claims he had nothing to do with the set-up. Just as Lanchester is about to blast Jay with his deadly powers, Brennan and Shalimar step in, and a fight ensues. After defeating Lanchester and his agents, Brennan and Shalimar escort Jay to a safehouse for protection. Enraged that Minhaus got away, Lanchester uses his destructive mutant abilities to send a series of explosive fireballs, causing the facility to explode. At the safehouse, Brennan and Shalimar question Jay regarding his and Macklin Exporters’ involvement in the video evidence revealed by Proxy Blue. Despite Jay’s claim that he knows nothing, Adam insists that he remain at the safehouse for protection, knowing that until Lanchester has solid proof that the disc has been destroyed, his life is in grave danger. When Jay suddenly expresses fear that his sister Rebecca’s life is in jeopardy, Shalimar accompanies him to search for her. Meanwhile, Emma scans the Mutant X database for any information on Jay’s sister, but finds no sign of her existence. Shalimar goes with Jay to his apartment and quietly creeps inside. To her surprise, Jay suddenly slams the door behind her and locks it, snapping the key off in the lock. When Shalimar calls out to Jay and gets no response, she smashes the door open with a powerful kick. Realizing that Jay is nowhere to be found, Shalimar heads to the lobby where she encounters Lanchester, who hits her with a microwave blast. As Lanchester demands that Shalimar tell him Jay’s whereabouts, Emma appears and uses her telempathic powers to transform herself into an image of Eckhart, fooling Lanchester into setting Shalimar free. Back at Sanctuary, Adam and Jesse search the database for information about Jay and discover that he has a degree in journalism, but had been fired from his only media job after being accused of plagiarism. Putting two and two together, Adam and Jesse realize that Jay was the one who set up the cameras in the warehouse and tipped off Proxy Blue, knowing that the story of Mutant X would make his career. Certain that Jay made up the story about his sister to escape the safehouse, Jesse runs a tracking signal on him, finding that he is at a local warehouse. Emma and Shalimar arrive at the warehouse at the same time as Lanchester and his agents. Surrounded, Jay tries to make a break for the door, but Lanchester blasts him with a powerful charge and he is instantly killed. Shalimar grabs the disc from Jay’s lifeless hand just as Lanchester sends a blast at Emma. Emma, however, sees it coming and uses her telempathic powers to reverse the effect, causing the vibrations kill Lanchester. The Mutant X team then destroys the disc before heading back to Sanctuary.

Proxy Blue: From what my insiders tell me, the confrontation at Hillside Properties involves government agency and band of renegades, both of whom have so far managed to maintain their anonymity. Until now. It seems the clash was secretly recorded in crystal digital quality. My informant promised to deliver the DVD to the studio shortly. So soon, loyal viewers, you’ll finally be able to separate fact from fiction with your very own eyes.

Mason: Mr. Lanchester, I don't like it when other people know my business. Particularly when it comes via the broadband spectrum of the likes of Proxy Blue.
Harvey Lanchester: Genomex is a large facility. Have you considered that you might have a leak in your organization?
Mason: With the stringent internal security I have in place, none of my people can so much think an impure thought without my knowing about it.

Mason: We must move quickly. We can't let anyone see what's on that disk. If the world caught a glimpse of the reality of new mutants, we'd soon have a full-fledged panic on our hands, after which, I can all but guarantee that every new mutant, including yourself, will become a public pariah.
Harvey Lanchester: Not to mention shut down Genomex and relegate you to the status of a traitor, I'm sure.
Mason: I want this cancer cut out before it spreads.

Harvey Lanchester: Where'd he think he was going?

Shalimar: Why don't you pick on someone your size?

Shalimar: We gotta get you out of here.
Brennan: Well, unless you wanna stay and get better acquainted.

Jay Minhaus: Who are you people? Or if you don’t mind my asking, what are you? I saw you throw electricity from your hands.
B: We’re new mutants. We have genetic abilities. They make us...
Shalimar: Make us a little special.
Jay: Well, that’s putting it lightly.

Jay Minhaus: All I know is that the only reason I'm alive today is because I was late for work.

Mason: Is this how you contain the problem? Seems to me you’ve only succeeded in exacerbating our predicament.
Harvey: The situation called for desperate measures.
Mason: Oh, and by desperate measures, you mean blowing Macklin Exporters sky high? What’s next? Public executions?

Jay Minhaus: I'm not lying.
Shalimar: No, of course not. In order to lie, you'd actually have to tell us something.

Harvey Lanchester: The place is clean. No sign of the disk anywhere. Maybe this Minhaus character was telling the truth after all.
Mason: Either way, he doesn't get a free ride. He's a witness, which means he's a loose thread which desperately needs to be pulled.

Jay Minhaus: You really didn't have to go to the trouble.
Shalimar: Yeah, I did. I'm, uh, sorry I came down on you like that before.
Jay: That's okay. I kinda liked it. So this disk's really gonna make your lives miserable, huh?
Shalimar: You have no idea. I mean, it could completely force us underground, and we're pretty much cut off from the rest of the world as it is.
Jay: That's gotta be rough. Having to live a life of seclusion like this.
Shalimar: I don't know. I've been doing it so long, I guess I don't really think about it.
Jay: Well, why can't you just come out on your own? Show the world who you are and kinda take it from there? You can't hide forever.
Shalimar: Well, I don't know that the rest of the world is ready to accept us yet.
Jay: Well, I don't know about the rest of the world, but I bet I could.

Jay Minhaus: I just realized I never thanked you.
Shalimar: It was just a sandwich.
Jay Minhaus: I meant for saving my life.
Shalimar: Oh.
Jay Minhaus: You really are amazing, you know that? Now I'm talking about the sandwich. Really, how am I ever gonna make it up to you?
Shalimar: Well, I'll tell you what. When this is all over, you can buy me a drink. We'll call it even.
Jay Minhaus: A drink for a life, yeah, that sounds pretty fair.
Shalimar: Fine. Then we'll get dinner.
Jay Minhaus: Why don't we cut right to the part where I get to walk you home? Okay, look. I understand, I'm--
Shalimar: No, I--it's just that you've been through a lot today, and I don't know, maybe it feels like you haven't but I think maybe what you're feeling for me comes a little less out of the moment than it does out of circumstance.
Jay Minhaus: Yeah, I took high school psychology too. I guess I got a little bit of a glorified hero complex working for me, is that it?
Shalimar: Well, maybe a little.
Jay Minhaus: Maybe a lot.

Jesse: Adam, I finally figured out what Macklin Exporters is involved in. Exporting.

Harvey Lanchester: We can sefely assume our situation is under control. The worst is over.
Mason: Really? What if the disk is still out there? What if Proxy Blue gets a hold of it? I don't like to live in a world full of what-ifs.
Harvey Lanchester: I took out the entire building, Mr. Eckhart. Dead men tell no tales.
Mason: But live ones do.
Harvey Lanchester: We search Minhaus's apartment up and down. He's clean.
Mason: Yes. And from what I gather, breathing as well.

Emma: I can't find a Rebecca Minhaus anywhere in the area.
Brennan: Well, you probably didn't look hard enough, so check again.
Emma: I know how to work the database, Brennan.

Emma: What were you thinking, Shal? If Lanchester finds you, you're dead.
Shalimar: So did Brennan call Adam and tell the minute I left?
Emma: It's not even like that. He was just trying to watch your back.
Shalimar: Yeah, well I can watch my own back, thank you very much.
Emma: Yeah. Obviously.

Harvey Lanchester: I'm looking for Jay Minhaus.
Shalimar: Get in line.
Harvey: He's been seen with you and your band of renegades.
Shalimar: Do you see him with me now?

Emma!Mason: Why trifle with the likes of her when our real quarry is still out there running around free?
Harvey Lanchester: Sir? What are you doing here?
Emma!Mason: Well, I was in the area and I just had to drop by. I decided to check up on you.
Harvey: I believe she can lead us to Minhaus, Mr. Eckhart.
Emma!Mason: I see. I other words, you've failed to locate him. I'm tired of your excuses. I told you this Minhaus character is our top priority. Or do I have to have that printed across my forehead in order for you to understand? I'll handle Miss Fox from here on.
Harvey: I'm not sure that's prudent, sir.
Emma!Mason: That's why you work for me.

Mason: Mr. Lanchester. Nice work deflecting the blame away from the GSA in that unfortunate accident.
Harvey Lanchester: Um. Thank you, sir?
Mason: What's wrong?
Harvey: Didn't we just speak a minute ago?
Mason: Sorry, am I bothering you? I didn't realize there was a limit to our interactions.

Jay Minhaus: Admit it, Shalimar. I'm not the pushover you thought I was.
Shalimar: Turns out you're not a lot of things I thought you were.
Jay: Yeah, well you've gotta admit I did a pretty good job of playing the damsel in distress, wouldn't you say?
Shalimar: Oh, I'm gonna show you a few things about distress.

Jay Minhaus: You freaks oughta be destroyed.
Shalimar: After you.

Mason: Adam. Not so fast, Mr. Kilmartin. You haven't even heard what I have to say. Well, it appears Mr. Minhaus has missed his deadline. For good.
Adam: Any idea how close he came to exposing us all to Proxy Blue?
Mason: Yes. How ironic that you and I should find ourselves battling a mutual foe. Although I have to admit, things would have gone a lot smoother if only we had agreed to work together. Yes, well, it seems we can all breathe a little easier now. The only question left, of course, is where does that leave us?
Adam: That's up to you.
Mason: I want that disk.
Adam: Come and get it. [Beat]
Mason: We're done here. Torch the place?
Adam: Then Proxy Blue gets an anonymous tip about a serial arsonist.

Jesse: So tell me something, wise guy. As a former con man, how was it that Jay managed to con you?
Brennan: What, it takes one to know one? C'mon, you know it doesn't work like that. I didn't get a feeling for him either way. Well, actually not until I saw the way that Shalimar acted around him.
Jesse: How's that?
Brennan: Well, I don't know. I just didn't like the way that she stuck her neck out for him.
Jesse: Why? Because you were feeling protective? Ah. Or jealous?
Brennan: Projective, smartass.

Shalimar: I just can't believe I misjudged someone like that.
Emma: Well, it's not like I'm hitting the bonus board when it comes to judging guys. When was the last time I had a date?
Shalimar: I know, sweetie, but honestly. I mean, if I wore this I wouldn't be getting any action either. [Emma glares] Well, it's a start.

Trivia & Nitpicks:

Adam set up a website for new mutants looking for protection. Which explains how they know how to contact Mutant X, but not how everyone knows their phone number. This will come up again in season three.

Special guest star: Victor Webster's dog is being carried in the elevator at Jay Minhaus's apartment.

Emma's non-telempathic power #13: Emma boomerangs Harvey Lanchester's microwave blast back to hit him...and this is before she's actually developed psionic blasts of her own!

Fashion victim: Brennan has Harry Potter hair.

Aside from the fact that Jesse and Brennan are talking about new mutants at the beginning, the 'evidence' that Jay Minhaus managed to get on tape isn't really that bad. Neither side is wearing tee-shirts advertising who they are, and neither Jesse nor Brennan actually use their abilities during the confrontation. All in all, Mason could probably have discredited the story easily with his usual methods, by saying some government narcs were after a couple of drug addicts or something.

When they get back to Sanctuary, Jesse says the new mutant who sent them the e-mail "suddenly doesn't exist". Dude, how'd that hoser Minhaus hack Sanctuary's New Mutant database???

Mason says he has stringent internal security, and that none of his people can even think an impure thought without his knowing it. The poor man is about to find out just how wrong he is in “A Breed Apart.”

Harvey Lanchester says someone's been calling Proxy Blue on the company dime. Either Proxy Blue has a long distance phone number, or he's just really against personal phone calls at work.

Lanchester may have Emma!blasts, but I still don't see how a psionic would be able to really start fires. You know, outside of the Stephen King universe.

Jay is brought to a safehouse. Why is it that they seem to have suddenly wised up against bringing guest stars to Sanctuary? There was certainly no reason to bring Josh and his family there in "The Crime of the New Century." And if Brennan really doesn't trust Jay, then why doesn't he get a visual cloak? And why don't they just get Emma, rather than interrogating the man for hours on end? She could have solved the case in ten seconds flat.

And while we're on the subject of safehouses, why are they apparently equipped with dishwashers? (I thought that's what Jesse was for.)

So, given the psycho babble, would Minhaus be having the same reaction to Brennan if Shalimar had gone to stake out his apartment?

*blinks* Now Adam's being overprotective of Brennan? That's new.

Would Brennan be so protective if it were Emma trying to leave the safe house? Wait, given his attitude when she can't find "Rebecca Minhaus," he'd be worse. Um, Emma, he needs another lesson in "Emma isn't helpless."

Is it just me, or does Minhaus bring Shal to his own building when looking for his "sister's apartment"? And if so, why can't his door be opened from the inside? I mean surely there's another way to get out if you're not a really pissed off feral.

Why is Adam so insistent that they run and hide from Lanchester? Surely Mutant X can take him! And then Adam doesn't want the girls going after Minhaus. This is getting ridiculous. Especially as they *both* prove they can kick GSA ass, yet alone handle one intrepid reporter who's no Clark Kent. Emma kicks so much ass when she's given half a chance....And she wants to.

Why does one of Lanchester's stray heat balls cause sparks?

And is it just me or is the tag at Sanctuary because they had three minutes to burn? The conversation between the guys is at least character development--it does help to set up the sudden attraction between Brennan and Shalimar a bit. (There is some jealousy there in "Ex Marks the Spot", "Deadly Desire" and this episode. Excuse me. Protectiveness.)

Also, the guys are talking about Shal and Minhaus. Shal and Emma are talking about clothes. And just how Junior High is this ending?

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