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Dark Star Rising

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Dark Star Rising: Episode #110.

Tag: The Mutant X team struggles to save the last two survivors of an international anti-terrorist unit. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Philip Lazebnik; Directed by Jon Cassar.
Andrew Gillies....Dr. Kenneth Harrison
Ralf Moeller....Lt. Beau Longstreet
Anne Openshaw....Sgt. Angel Dorn
Lee Rumohr....Young Corporal
Anthony Tullo....Corporal Clark Randall

Official Synopsis: Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) leaps from the shadows at Tricorp Botanical, a bio-agricultural company, just as Clark (Lee Rumohr) and Angel (Anne Openshaw), also ferals, install explosives into the company's computer system. A bomb detonates, and Shalimar grabs another, tossing it in the air seconds before it explodes. Moments later, Shalimar is confronted by Beau (Ralf Moeller), an intimidating man who, like Angel and Clark, bears a tattoo of a black and red star. He flees with them, leaving Shalimar behind. At Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) informs Shalimar that the new mutant database doesn't show anyone matching Beau, Angel or Clark's descriptions. When Shalimar describes the star tattoo, Brennan (Victor Webster) is sure that they must have been members of Dark Star, an international anti-terrorist unit. Adam, remembering that the entire Dark Star unit had reportedly died, is determined to find out how these three soldiers survived, why they have new mutant powers and why they want to destroy Tricorp. Jesse (Forbes March) searches the Tricorp database and discovers that Angel's father owns an abandoned plant. Suspecting the three may be using the plant as a hideout, Shalimar and Brennan rush there and come face to face with Beau and Angel. Brennan and Shalimar try to explain that they are fellow new mutants and allies. Beau and Angel reveal that during what Dark Star believed to be a normal run of vaccinations, a few of the soldiers began getting stronger. The rest became extremely ill and died, including their friend, Clark. They are positive that Tricorp used them as lab rats, injecting them unknowingly with a new serum. Back at Sanctuary, Adam examines Angel and finds her body is trying to fight off a serum that was derived from the Rafflesia Pricei plant. Adam sends Shalimar, Jesse and Beau back to Tricorp to retrieve the plant so he can hopefully create an antidote. Shalimar, Jesse and Beau sneak into Tricorp, but just as they reach the chambers that contain the plant, Dr. Harrison and three agents enter and a fight breaks out. In the chaos, Shalimar is able to toss the plant out the window while Jesse phases out and rematerializes below the window. He catches the plant and takes off, but Shalimar and Beau are overpowered and captured. Shalimar calls Jesse on the comlink and orders him to bring the Double Helix immediately to rescue her and Beau, who is in an examination lab at Genomex. In the Genomex lab, Harrison is about to inject Beau with a hypodermic gun, but Beau jumps to his feet, grabs Eckhart by the throat and injects him with the shot. Shalimar, disguised as a lab tech, reveals herself and stops Beau before he does more damage. Back at Sanctuary, Beau and Angel are reunited. Shalimar then accompanies them to the jungle so they can give their fallen comrade, Clark, a proper burial.

Sgt. Angel Dorn: No one gets left behind.
Lt. Beau Longstreet: We protect our own at any cost.

Jesse: Oh, be quiet, you big pussy cat. Looks like a giant hickey.
Shalimar: Yeah, well trust me. It looks like a lot more fun than it actually was.

Angel Dorn: Maybe there’s others like us.
Beau Longstreet: To hell with that! This is war. I am a warrior. And if we die, we take our enemies with us.

Ken Harrison: My security team can barely tie their shoelaces. We're in the agri business; security has never been an issue until now.
Mason: Welcome to my world.

Mason: The big man, Lieutenant Longstreet, is it? He looks to be the living incarnation of Nietsche's dictum: What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

[Shalimar breaks down the door]
Shalimar: We just want to talk.
Angel Dorn: People who just want to talk don't make that kind of entrance.
Brennan: She's got a dramatic streak, okay?

Beau Longstreet: What they didn't count on was that Dark Star takes care of its own.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, so do ferals. Among new mutants, we're a breed apart.

Shalimar: They just tricked these poor bastards.
Adam: Same kind of lies they told your parents, right? The parents of all the Children of Genomex.
Shalimar: Yeah, but these guys thought they were volunteering to serve their country, not participate in some freaky genetic experiment.
Adam: That's another example of the kind of power Mason Eckhart has.

Mason: Adam gets the living, and we get the dead.

Mason: I'm concerned by your concerns, Dr. Harrison.

Emma: I promise you, if anyone can help her, it's Adam.
Beau Longstreet: I trusted my superior officers, look where it got me.
Shalimar: Yeah, but its not like that with Adam.
Beau: Is he one of you, one of us?
Shalimar: You mean a new mutant? No.
Emma: Adam made it possible for us to survive what Genomex had done to us.

Beau: The feral thing's not half bad.
Shalimar: I thought you might get to like it.

Brennan: This seems a little low-tech for you, Adam. I kind of expected you to laser it or something.
Adam: Well, herbal medicine techniques are as valuable today as they were 1000 years ago. One man's tribal magic is another man's holistic healing.

Mason: There's a long-standing tradition in my world of tampering with human nature to create a more perfect soldier. From the Hashishan of ancient Persia, to the Viking Berserkers, to the MK Ultra, men in my position have sought the perfect way to create the perfect monster in the field.

Shalimar: You'd think someone would notice I was missing...

Brennan: You need to get the hell outta there!
Shalimar: I'm not leaving Beau. He wouldn't leave a team member behind, and neither will I.

Mason: If you're correct, we are on the verge of creating new mutants.
Ken Harrison: Obedient and subservient new mutants completely at the service of your will.
Mason: Enough to make the Children of Genomex unnecessary in the greater scheme of things.

Brennan: I still think I should've gone with Jesse.
Emma: You heard Adam. He needs two of us here to assist.
Brennan: Okay, then why didn't Jesse stay? C'mon, Shalimar needs more than Jesse's massing and phasing abilities to get her and Beau out of there in one piece.
Emma: Well, if you were as close to Shalimar as Jesse is, I'm sure you'd understand.

Beau: My squad is gone.
Shalimar: That's not true. You have a new squad now. A new pack.

Shalimar: You should’ve seen it, Jesse. I thought Eckhart was about to explode.
Jesse: I mean, touching him must have been bad enough, but taking Eckhart hostage in a headlock?
Shalimar: I gotta tell you, it made for a very smooth exit.

Mason: As I said, Dr. Harrison, I am not, by nature, an optimistic man. The reason is simply that I cannot bear the disappointment that is so frequently the result of heightened expectations. I have always subscribed to the adage: Hope for the best, expect the worst.

Mason: Who knows where I'll be in 25 years? But I have a good idea of where you'll be.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Mason Eckhart says of Beau Longstreet, "He looks to be the living incarnation of Nietsche's dictum: What doesn't kill you will make you stronger." This is a quote from philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's Twilight of the Idols, Or, How to Philosophize with a Hammer: "Whatever does not destroy me makes me stronger."

This is the closest Shalimar ever comes to actually receiving a subdermal governor, though she may have gotten one in her dreamscape in “Nothing to Fear.” Shalimar is the only member of Mutant X to never have a governor.

This is the first episode where it's mentioned that Mason wants to genetically alter humans into new mutants. This really doesn't fit with what we've heard from him so far--he seems to want these anomalies to go away, so why make more? The following quote may shed some light on this:

Mason: We are on the verge of creating new mutants.
Dr. Harrison: Obedient and subservient new mutants. Completely at the service of your will.
Mason: Enough to conceivably make the Children of Genomex unnecessary in the greater scheme of things.

What greater scheme of things? What is Mason's master plan? Why did Ashlocke have to pod him so we wouldn't know?

Emma's non-telempathic power #7: Whose thoughts, exactly, is she pulling those images of Bogata from? It doesn't seem to be on Angel and Beau Longstreet's minds at the moment... Though she's never met them before, Emma seems to have long-range access to Beau and Angel's memories.

Why is Shalimar out on that roof alone? This must be before the times of Brennan tailing her everywhere she goes.

Angel is the first person in the series to call Brennan "Sparky."

Shalimar describes Beau’s tattoo, and Brennan recognizes it instantly. I know Brennan’s an army brat, but how would he know about Dark Star if they're more secret than the Navy Seals? Also, for a former army brat whose father was killed behind enemy lines, Brennan doesn't seem too understanding about Beau Longstreet's reluctance to leave Corporal Randall's body behind.

Emma meditates in the darkened Sanctuary two weeks in a row. Seriously, what's wrong with her room?

When they get Angel to their lab, Adam draws her blood with what appears to be a plastic transfer pipette. This isn't a very sharp instrument. Why isn't he using a syringe???

We learn that the parents of the Children of Genomex didn't know everything about the experiments being done on the kids. So were their powers an unfortunate side effect of the experiment or the ultimate goal of the project?

The following seems almost like foreshadowing for season 3:

Emma: I promise you if anyone can help her, it's Adam.
Longstreet: I believed in my superior officers. Look where that got me.
Shalimar: Yeah, but it's not like that with Adam, Beau.
Longstreet: Is he one of you--one of us?
Shalimar: You mean a new mutant? Nope.
Emma: Adam made it possible for us to survive what had been done to us.

Jesse takes out the guard at Tricorp’s computer station with a single blow to the back of his shoulders...although how that would render someone unconscious is beyond me.

If Jesse can't phase the plant out of the building, how come his clothes go with him?

Unlike Mason’s golden boy Charles Marlowe, Dr. Ken Harrison isn’t allowed to touch Mason’s things....even though he is his doctor.

Why are the boys asking Shalimar where she is? Her comlink is still on; they should already know that she’s inside Genomex.

Come to think of it, why is her comlink still on after the GSA has captured her? Even Sonya knew enough to scan Jesse for bugs in “Russian Roulette.” And if that detention chair is designed to hold new mutants so that they can be fitted with subdermal governors, shouldn’t it be strong enough to hold ferals?

When Beau wakes up in Dr. Harrison’s lab, he doesn’t seem at all worried that Shalimar’s in a surgeon assistant’s uniform. Might it not have occurred to him–even for an instant--that she could be working for Genomex?

It is strongly implied that Dr. Harrison is podded at the end of this episode, however we never actually see him in a pod. In fact, he appears fine and dandy in his next episode.

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 0 Adam Kisses: 0 Freak mentions: 1 Food intake: 0

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