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Deadly Desire

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Deadly Desire: Episode #120

Tag: Seductive mutant Lorna Templeton casts a powerful love spell on Brennan. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by David L. Newman; Directed by Brad Turner
Krista Allen....Lorna Templeton
Jim Codrington....Vance Halloran
Matthew MacFadzean....Tony Reese
Clyde Whitham....Dr. Tork
Ted Whittall....Carl Ames

Official Synopsis: Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Jesse (Forbes March) come to the aid of mutant Lorna Templeton (Krista Allen), who is being chased by Carl Ames (Ted Whittall) and his team of GSA agents. An agent is about to apprehend Lorna, when suddenly she grabs him by the neck with a scorpion-like stinger she shoots from her wrist, injecting him with her lethal venom. Ames tries to back away, but Lorna stops him with a blast of her pheromone mist, leaving him hopelessly in love, and completely under her control. Lorna and Ames escape together seconds before Shalimar and Jesse appear, finding the lifeless agent on the floor. In an attempt to find Lorna, Adam (John Shea) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) search the GSA's database. They find no signs of Lorna, but they do discover that the GSA is arranging a deal to acquire a stolen supply of Anomite, a gelatin-like virus with the ability to destroy the most sophisticated cyber security systems. Adam realizes that if Eckhart (Tom McCamus) gets possession of the virus, he will have the ability to take over every safehouse in existence. Meanwhile at a pool hall, Brennan (Victor Webster) runs into Tony Reese (Matthew MacFadzean), a dangerous acquaintance from his past. Tony insists that he has changed for the better since meeting the woman of his dreams. He reveals that they are working on a job that offers a five million dollar reward. Later at Genomex, Eckhart's associate, Vance Halloran (Jim Codrington), arranges a meeting with government scientist Dr. Tork (Clyde Whitham), who has the Anomite in his possession. Hacking into Genomex's database, Emma learns that Halloran and Dr. Tork are meeting at the Peterson Building. Brennan and Shalimar burst into the building just as Halloran exchanges a case of money with Dr. Tork in return for the Anomite. Intent on stealing the Anomite in order to collect the five million dollar reward, Ames, Lorna and Tony watch from the shadows as Brennan knocks the virus out of Halloran's grip with a bolt of electricity. Shalimar grabs the Anomite and attempts to escape, but Ames suddenly emerges with a gun, shoots and kills Dr. Tork, and fires a bullet into Shalimar's shoulder. Brennan runs to Shalimar's aid, while Tony, Ames and Lorna escape with the Anomite. Brennan takes Shalimar back to Sanctuary before setting out to find Tony and the Anomite. He tracks him to an apartment garage, but Tony refuses to reveal any information. Cleverly pinning a tracking transmitter on Tony's shirt, Brennan secretly enters the building. Tony is surprised to find that Brennan has followed him into Lorna's apartment, but Lorna, immediately attracted to Brennan, dismisses Tony. She takes Brennan to her bedroom, promising to show him the Anomite. Just as Brennan is about to snatch the virus from Lorna, she hits him with a shot of her pheromone mist, leaving him dazed and completely in love with her. Unable to control their undeniable lust for one another, they passionately embrace with a heated kiss. The next morning, Lorna emerges from her bedroom to find Tony in a jealous rage. Deciding she doesn't need him now that she has Brennan, she kills him with her venomous stinger. When Brennan appears, Lorna hits him with more pheromone mist, causing him to ignore Tony's unconscious body on the floor. Not knowing Brennan's whereabouts, Jesse and Emma run a track on his transmitter and find him with Lorna and Ames. Just as they are about to exchange the Anomite with Halloran, Jesse and Emma burst in and attempt to seize the virus, but Brennan throws an electric bolt at Emma, knocking her to the ground. Lorna grabs the Anomite and orders Brennan to take down Ames, while Halloran escapes with the money. With Ames now unconscious on the floor, Jesse and Emma decide they must bring him back to Sanctuary for observation. At Sanctuary, Adam creates an antivirus using a trace of Lorna's pheromonal mist found in Ames' blood. The antivirus is a success, and Ames realizes that his love for Lorna was all an illusion. Shalimar sets out to find Brennan, and secretly slips him the antivirus to break Lorna's spell. When Lorna realizes that her spell on Brennan has been broken, she injects him with her venomous stinger, leaving him unconscious. With the Anomite in hand, Lorna starts to leave her apartment. She is suddenly blocked by Shalimar, who knocks her down with a powerful kick while Adam grabs the Anomite. Back at Sanctuary, the Mutant X team nurses Brennan back to health, while Adam secures the Anomite in a place no one will ever find.

Shalimar: What took you so long?
Jesse: I took a wrong turn--ended up on the other side of the building. C'mon! I phase and mass. I don't have X-ray vision.

[playing pool]
Shalimar: Do you want to break?
Brennan: Do you want to lose?
Shalimar: I don't think so.

Brennan: Make you feel better?
Shalimar: Kicking your butt usually does.

Shalimar: Oh! Thought you said this wasn't going to hurt.
Emma: And you believed me? It's called bedside manner. Now, be a good girl, and you'll get a lollypop when we're done.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, throw in a balloon and I'm all yours.

Shalimar: You're a beast.
Emma: You're a baby.

Brennan: You know, there's something inside of me that's screaming how wrong this is on so many levels.

Adam: Brennan, nice job getting Shalimar back here for treatment. Couldn't have been easy.
Brennan: Yeah, I could've been pickin' her arm off the ground, she still would've been out there trackin' 'em down.

Brennan: Yeah, run home to your little girlfriend, Ton. God knows how she's getting along without you.

Lorna Templeton: You know, you and I would make an incredible team.
Brennan: I'm already on a team.
Lorna Templeton: Guess what? You're about to be traded.

Tony Reese: That's it, Lorna. I didn't want it to come to this, but I'll be damned if I'll let anyone else have you.
Lorna Templeton: Tony, stop. Tony, you don't want to do this. C'mon, stop it. Think about what it would be like to live in a world without me.

Adam: Have you tried connecting to Brennan telempathically?
Emma: Do you think I should?
Adam: Yeah. It's not like him to be out of contact like this.
Emma: Er...
Adam: What is it? Look at you. You're blushing!
Emma: Well...I think there's a perfectly good reason why we haven't heard from him.

Brennan: You're absolutely spoiling me.
Lorna Templeton: And you're ruining me. I can't imagine being with anyone else after you.
Brennan: Because I'll never let you.
Lorna Templeton: That's fine with me.
Brennan: I gotta tell you though, there's something inside of me that's screaming how wrong this is on so many levels. But I would slit my throat before I would ever leave you.
Lorna Templeton: How sweet.

Jesse: Now we both know Brennan's not the one night stand kind of guy.

Carl Ames: Don't worry about Mutant X. Brennan Mulwray has joined our crew.
Halloran: Mulwray's with you?!
Carl Ames: Lorna can be very persuasive.
Halloran: Like how she persuaded you to desert the GSA?
Carl Ames: Lorna or Eckhart. Which would you choose?

Halloran: Everything seems to be in order.
Lorna Templeton: Yes. Looks good to me. Nothing like cold hard cash. Well, almost nothing.

Emma: I can't believe he did that.
Jesse: Yeah, well the minute I'm sure he's okay, I'm gonna kill him.
Emma: Get in line.

Mason: And to what do I owe the honor?
Brennan: Well, if you, uh, call off your goons, then we can talk.
Mason: Do not mistake my admiration for your fortitude as stupidity.
Brennan: Call 'em off, or you can kiss your precious anomite goodbye. [to Holloran] What, you're not a goon?
Halloran: I'll be close.
Mason: Well then, Mr. Mulwray. It seems you have my undivided attention.
Brennan: Yeah, well we both know that I got what you want. So the only thing for us to discuss is the most painless way for us to complete this transaction.
Mason: I take it you're not looking for suggestions.
Brennan: No. I'm just looking for a way for both of us to walk away happy. Emphasis on the walk away.
Mason: How do I know this is not simply another Mutant X ploy?
Brennan: Well, Mutant X is out of the picture. Just you and me.
Mason: And to what can I attribute this rather sudden change of heart? Revenge? Greed?
Brennan: Love.
Mason: Of course. The most powerful motivator of all.

Adam: Think you were just gonna fly your little love nest? What'd you do to him?
Lorna Templeton: I guess I was just too much woman for him.
Shalimar: This is gonna be worth the pain. [punches her]

Adam: The only thing keeping him alive is is new mutant antibodies.
Emma: He's burning up, Adam.
Jesse: Adam, he's at 107, I thought you gave him the anti-venom.
Adam: I did. It hasn't kicked in yet. I've gotta find a way to bring his body temperature down, or he's going to suffer brain damage.

Mason: Is she safe?
Halloran: Completely.
Mason: Well then, Miss Templeton--
Halloran [holding a gun]: Eckhart. We're getting out of here.
Mason: I assume you're not talking about you and me.
Halloran: Have a seat.
Lorna Templeton: You know, darling. I would hate to leave here empty-handed.
Halloran: Right, money.
Mason: Halloran--
Halloran: I know exactly where it's stored.
Mason: You both are making the biggest mistake of your lives.
Lorna Templeton: Ta-ta.

Emma: That was a pretty low blow there, Brennan.
Brennan: Yeah. I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Emma: I'm fine. Besides, it was my feelings that were hurt more than anything.
Shalimar: You're just lucky she was still around to save your butt.

Adam: Hey, Lover Boy, how're you feeling?
Brennan: Like an ass.
Jesse: Good. That's how you acted.

Brennan: I've gotta get out of here. I'm so thirsty.
Jesse: I'll get it. Stay there.
Adam: That's a good idea. Let's all have a drink!
Shalimar: You know what? Would you let me and Emma pick your girlfriends from now on?
Emma: Yeah! Just, uh, tell us your type and we will keep an eye out.
Brennan: Let's see. 5 foot 5 to 6 foot, blonde hair, brunette, blue eyes, green eyes--
Emma: You know, you could be a little more specific.
Brennan: No stingers.

Trivia & Nitpicks: New toy in Sanctuary’s main computer: Adam’s decrypting program to decode GSA communiques. Gone are those early “Fool for Love” days when they could just tap right into the GSA scanners.

Shal and Brennan play pool and Brennan cheats--then spies his friend Tony from "The Shock of the New." Good continuity.

The observation deck is referenced again in this episode, although we can't see it. Brennan clearly looks through the glass at
Emma and Shalimar's progress while Adam praises him for getting Shalimar in for treatment.

This episode nearly has the first appearance of Brennan's infamous butt-on-the-counter move that he'll later use with Lexa in "Divided Loyalties" and Shalimar in "The Assault." Except that there wasn't a convenient counter. And being Brennan, he couldn't resist adding a small electrical jolt to his handshake to impress Lorna, much as he did with Emma in "Shock of the New."

Could this be considered the first "Isn't Brennan hot?" episode?

Shalimar blithely proclaims that there are “no signs of trauma” on the fallen GS agent, though he’s rather inconveniently covered with clothing at the time. Perhaps she has developed x-ray vision.

Apparently part of the scorpion DNA afforded Lorna the ability to run in high heels. Also do the pheromone effects remind anyone else of Cocoon for some reason?

Adam: We never found out her name. Now she's more grist for Eckhart's genetic mill.
What? Eckhart has a genetic mill? I thought he just either podded new mutants or dragged them to join the GSA? Huh? Of course, two episodes later, it's a moot point. But still. Either this sets something up that was dropped like a hot potato or they're just crazy.

Oh no, Brennan's a fashion victim two weeks in a row! The ugly hat's back...oh. It's a different ugly hat. Why does Brennan like ugly hats?

Emma asks since when have GS agents started shooting to kill. Is she kidding? They’ve actually been firing guns since she first encountered them in “Shock of the New.”

Brennan zaps the anomite case to get it away from Dr. Tork and the GSA. (Too bad that didn't destroy it.) When he tries to keep Emma from getting it, he zaps *Emma*. I get that the pheromones make him want to protect Lorna, but why not zap the case instead of Emma? Worst case, Lorna drops it too and has to scramble. If Emma gets it first, he can always make her drop it again.

When Brennan first walks into the apartment, he wants nothing to do with Lorna's flirting. This continues until she hits him with the pheromones. This isn't really in character behavior for Brennan, who really flirts with everything with a pulse. Except Jesse tells Adam that, "We both know Brennan's not the one night stand type of guy." So this is either a big, honking discontinuity, or Adam's anti-venom isn't perfect and left Brennan permanently changed. (This is in addition to Brennan's, "You know, there's something inside of me that's screaming how wrong this is on so many levels." There's some seriously conflicting characterization in season 2--Shalimar's convinced that Brennan is shacked up with some small town waitress when he's late in "Crossroads of the Soul".) I like plan A, personally.

Why does Mason have so much trouble finding Ames? Didn't Pamela Fries and Michelle Bigelow have a tracer chips? I mean, this isn't just a GSA being protective of women thing, is it? (Adam seems to remember, as they bring Ames to a safe house, and not Sanctuary.)

Just before smooching him (on the cheek, shush, 'shippers) to administer the anti-venom, Shalimar tells Brennan, "I know what you're going through. I've been there myself." This is a reference to "Fool for Love." Someone on this show clearly knew what they were doing. Why weren't they in charge? Oh, right. Icky plots.

Adam asserts that Brennan didn't die instantly like everyone else because of his new mutant antibodies. Uh-huh.

Knowing Lorna was so dangerous, why did Halloran wait so long to place the subdermal governor?

By the way, in real life, anomite is not a computer virus, but a rare subtype of the mineral mica.

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