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Delassandro, Zander

Zander Delassandro -- Played by Thomas Hauff

Zander Delassandro.

First Appearance: "Crossroads of the Soul."

Quote: "I found these a few years back. That’s when I knew that everything the elders told us was a lie. See, here are these pictures. All different places and people with strange costumes in them. See, when I saw those marks on your arm, that’s when I knew you were from out there. That these places were real. I’ve dreamt about these places for years. Maybe it’s crazy, but I even dreamed that I could go out there myself."

Details: Zander Delassandro was the sheriff in the town of New Hope, the artificially isolated town created by scientist Dr. Alfred Marcus. Brennan Mulwray's tattoo convinced him that Brennan was truly from outside of New Hope. Zander showed him his forbidden photos of places outside of New Hope, hoping that Brennan could take him into the real world. Before he could get far however, he was knifed to death by Dr. Marcus's grandson Josh, in order to keep the existence of the outside world a secret from the rest of the town's citizens.

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