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Dennett, William

William Dennett -- Played by David Orth.

William Dennett.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Cybernetic).

First Appearance: "No Exit."

Quote: "I say when the game is over."

Details: Brennan Mulwray and Shalimar Fox chased William Dennett onto a rooftop when they discovered he was selling military secrets. Brennan’s shock threw him over the edge, and the injury left him paralyzed from the eyes down. Using his cybernetic abilities, William had himself transferred to the posh Woodbridge Gardens private hospital in which he had the computer access he needed to study Sanctuary’s defense mechanisms. Once Jesse Kilmartin downloaded the Tunnel Quest 2 internet game, Dennett hijacked the uplink to transmit his signal through Sanctuary’s satellite. He separated the team, sent the FBI after Shalimar and Lexa, electrocuted Brennan, shot Jesse with a laser beam, and finally pumped the deadly nerve gas BZ into Sanctuary to paralyze Brennan and Jesse. Lexa Pierce and Shalimar found his hospital room and cut off his access, leaving him trapped in his own mind. Ever resourceful, William soon connected himself to the nearest conduit in his new hospital room, the radio.

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