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Deparis, Dr. Aziza

Dr. Aziza Deparis -- Played by Soo Garay

Dr. Aziza Deparis.

First Appearance: "Past as Prologue."

Quote: Aziza: "Your accelerated metabolism in tandem with the rapid mutation of your genes–"
Gabriel: "What can you do?"
Aziza: "Other than make you as comfortable possible for the time you have left, nothing."
Gabriel: "I didn’t rot in that pod for 25 years just to drop dead!"
Aziza: "I’m afraid that’s exactly the way that it is."

Details: As Gabriel Ashlocke's lover and personal physician, Dr. Deparis knew that conventional medicine would lessen the pain of his DNA breakdown, but could not prolong his life. Since Gabriel suggested that they try alchemy instead, she reluctantly altered the genetic makeup of the Egyptian alchemist Avaris’s mummified body so that she could be brought back to life...with the addition of living DNA. Gabriel thanked Aziza for her efforts and then shoved the unsuspecting doctor into Avaris’s tank, making Aziza the human sacrifice he required to meld with Avaris's DNA.

Trivia: In the episode "Past as Prologue," Avaris is the ancient Egyptian alchemist and Dr. Aziza Deparis is Gabriel's doctor. But in Adam's diary on Tribune Entertainment's faux website Mutant X Lives, Adam seems to have gotten the two ladies mixed up. Here's what he has to say about Aziza (Avaris):

AZIZA - It fascinates me that over a millennium ago, she was making similar discoveries in genetic mutations that rival my own. In the age of the mighty pharaohs, Aziza channeled all the available resources to create a new science and breed of human being. It would be staggeringly impressive if her motives had not been solely for power and corruption. I only had a glimpse of her, gleaming like a Egyptian goddess, but in her dark eyes was a drive that I have seen in another pair: my own. That I recognize it terrifies me more than her reincarnation ever did.

Soo Garay

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