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Dinovi, Milo

Milo Dinovi-- Played by Salvatore Antonio Migliori

Milo Dinovi.

First Appearance: "The Taking of Crows."

Quote: Milo: "I remember the nights when you used to close this place."
Lexa: "Yeah. That was before you started watering down the drinks."

Details: Nightclub Ceci Luca's owner Milo was an old acquaintance of Lexa Pierce's whom she revisited while searching for her brother. Milo spiked her drink with the drug DXL in an effort to loosen her up, causing her lasers to flare uncontrollably before she collapsed. Jesse Kilmartin and Brennan Mulwray forced Milo to surrender the rest of his vial of DXL so that they could find a cure for Lexa. Once Lexa was back on her feet, she returned to Ceci Luca herself and murdered Milo.

Salvatore Antonio Migliori

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