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04 January 2016 @ 12:15 am
Dolan, Connor  

Connor Dolan -- Played by Patrick Salvagna

Connor Dolan.

First Appearance: "The Grift."

Quote: Brennan: "So is this where your mom hid the disk, or are you just scamming me for a free lunch?"
Connor: "It’ll cost you a burger and fries to find out."

Details: Con artist Becky Dolan was the love of Brennan Mulwray's life in high school; she reappeared years later with her son Connor in tow, pretending that Connor was Brennan's son. With Mutant X's help, Brennan saved Connor and Becky from the QJ-14 assassins chasing her after she stole a sensitive disk belonging to Senate candidate Daniel Foster. Even once he learned that Connor was not his, Brennan promised to keep an eye out for Becky and her son.

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